Friday, October 01, 2004

jobs, shopping, and walking

Elisabeth rocks. Not only did she drive me to the T, but she made me feel better the whole day through. And she liked my green suit which makes me feel like a large green linebacker. (Oh, the horror of shoulderpads.)

Interview with first staffing agency: nice people, normal staffing agency.

Interview with second staffing agency: we RIP apart my resume, she making lots of suggestions, demands, and challenges; I counter with high user scores on software tests and 72 wpm with perfect accuracy; she tells me about Filene's basement and offers herself as a resource of information; I say I'll bring brownies. I like these people. She would like nuts. In her brownies, that is.

Went to Filene's Basement and spent more than I should have, and more than they initially tried to charge me. Would that I could go back to sixth-grade science in which you got extra credit for honesty! Nice black blazer, nice red sleeveless knit thing to go under, dubious black (tuxedo!) pants which fit me but perhaps don't go with the blazer.

Filene's Basement connects directly to the T at Downtown Crossing. Took the Red Line to the Green Line. Tried to find the D-Green Line to Riverside: went up the stairs, down the stairs, up the stairs, down the stairs, up the stairs, down the stairs, looked just a little further and found it in the place I was originally in. Grr. Walked from Brookline Hills instead of Brookline Village. Discovered they were not really walking shoes and now I am in better shape.

Home: turned down a job from staffing agency number one of this morning; updated resume until I was convinced I should hire me; blogged. Now to change for chapel and whatever else my husband wants.

No, not that. Probably learning Byzantine chant in Romanian. Not as juicy. "But much better," he adds. I guess I'll keep him.


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