Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Future Presvyteres Retreat, Notes, Part 4

Pres. Katerina, expanding on the importance of renewing the spirit for yourself and your family, advised:
  • incense the home—when your husband or children come home, they will feel your love as soon as they come inside
  • stay close to your loved ones
  • if you want a friend in the parish, ask the Lord—and wait
  • enjoy your solitude in the Lord and remember your guardian angels
She urged us to "get real familiar with the Jesus prayer. ... You can pray unceasingly. ... It's really important." Pray with you feel the need for protection: when you feel weak, or tempted, or that you might judge someone.

She said that the 51st Psalm helps her stay repenting, and that it's good to take responsibility for our mistakes. She pointed out that the example a presbytera needs to provide is not an example of goodness—Jesus and the Theotokos provide that—the example of a presbytera's life is of hope: we will always make mistakes but we still hope in the Lord.

More on the metaphysical morrow.

P.S. I walked into the apartment yesterday after the usual long slog at work, and was greeted with the lovely smell of freshly baked brownies (lenten) set out to cool by my loving husband. This (today) reminded me about incensing the home. It really did feel like I was smelling his love for me, covering all the apartment with his thoughtfulness. I hope I remember to return the favor many times over. (Also, that would mean lots of brownies. Yum!)


Blogger Mimi said...

How sweet - that's so neat to be surrounded by love in such a tangible way! Awesome!

Wed Feb 22, 05:05:00 PM CST  

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