Saturday, May 14, 2005

Hagiographical Productivity

This morning, Virgil had to suddenly go to a Liturgy at a nursing home up in Peabody. (Suddenly, because he, unlike the person originally scheduled, was not stricken with allergies. Poor husband. He doesn't understand what it is to be utterly slain and unable to breathe due to the invisible parts of spring suddenly inhabiting (and inhibiting) your nose and breathing.)

Before he left, he was looking up the information for the service (how to get there, the reading for the day, the saints to be commemorated), and noticed that today is the feast of St. Isidore of Chios. We happen to have an icon of St. Isidore, because our koumbara is from Chios, and gave it to us when she returned from home.

Rather than waking up at the "crack of noon" as is my wont, I was up around 8:30. (Thank you, Heather, for a phrase which has not failed to amuse me for over 10 years.) After he had gone, I took a couple of pictures, uploaded them to the computer, cropped and adjusted one, uploaded it, did a little research, and typed up an article on St. Isidore. It seems as though he got the literal reaction to today's figurative reaction of finding out, in the secular world (especially of politics), that someone is a Christian and will no longer countenance ignoring that fact.

[rambly off-topic]

Recently I was disgusted at some lady on NPR who was aghast at the idea that people might have "religious reasons" for either "keeping on the shelf or rejecting" particular drugs. What, it's not "okay" with her for other people to so much as have religious reasons for things which may also be in her life, too?

She was talking about the "emergency contraceptive" called the "morning-after pill." I hate how they call it an "emergency contraceptive." Pregnancy isn't an emergency. The pill doesn't counter conception*, merely "pregnancy," which is to say that it doesn't stop the egg from being fertilized, it just stops the fertlized egg from implanting. I hate how people distance themselves from the word "baby" by using the word "fetus." FETUS MEANS "DEAR LITTLE ONE." But nobody cares about Latin any more. Yesterday I was surprised at the realization that "matrimony" means "mother-making." How much more beautiful is that word now.

*According to my undestanding of how this drug works, personal research about which was last conducted last fall.

There is too much hurt in the world. Why does it seem like nobody realizes that people don't want to hurt others, but they are hurting inside so much themselves that they can't see or think clearly? I want my sons to grow up to be strong men, ready to protect the weak, and my daughters to grow up to be strong women, ready to support their families, and all my children to struggle to keep themselves close to God. I can't imagine what horror it must be to fight against these desires and convince yourself that you don't want your children to grow up at all.

[/rambly off-topic]

Holy Martyr Isidore of Chios, intercede for us.

[Update: Oooh! Oooh! Jarlath! My favorite saint name!]


Blogger TeaLizzy said...

The "morning after" pill makes me mad. I don't know if people are being kept in the dark, or just deciding that a very, very early-term abortion isn't an aortion. But geez--a baby is a baby!

Sat May 14, 07:30:00 PM CDT  

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