Monday, October 04, 2004

cross your fingers ...

Early this morning, L&A emailed me, saying she'd gotten my resume and "your resume is as impressive as your testing scores!" *squirm of happy almost-job-ness*

Called in the morning: she was in a meeting. Left message with person.

Called in the afternoon: left more detailed voice mail.

She called later. She was working from home today; was I still interested in the position she'd told me about before? (Um, yeah!?) They'd like to see me. (I'm not doing anything besides waiting for you, so *yes* I'm available Wednesday.) She'll call back about what time on Wednesday they'd like to see me. Downtown Boston, here I come again. Now ... there's a black blazer which needs something complementary to suit up my lower half.

Also, I was extremely productive today: got two more boxes thoroughly sorted out of the living room, cleaned out the horrid days-old dishes and glasses. Attacked the bedroom by making the bed and hanging up a few clothes. Made bread while running the dishwasher. Beat the Blue Sorceress in the software version of Magic: The Gathering. (These things are important, too!) Replaced a lightbulb. Cleaned half the bathroom, including the mirror, sink, counter, and toilet. Was going to put in the toggle bolt things, but I'll need to borrow a drill as the holes are not quite large enough. I want that other dowel to go up! Who puts up dowels without finding the studs first!? Crazy apartment-builders. I wonder how long the dowel will last before someone stumbles on it and pulls down the entire bathroom wall. Won't *that* be fun!

Always an optimist. Are you there, God? It's me, jobless Magda....

P.S. Oh, and I made brownies. There's half a batch left. If I have help getting rid of them, I'd have to make more.



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