Monday, June 20, 2005

My weekend

I had one.

Friday night we were exorbitant and ordered pizza.

On Saturday, he went to Liturgy and I slept in. We went to the library and I cleaned out an entire shelf of Br. Cadfael books. Yum. That was enough for him to carry, so I didn't get any Sr. Fidelma. We also got three DVDs. Although there is a large selection of VHS, and our VCR works better than the DVD drive (software issues), the quality of the VHS tapes is so variable, I've decided not to bother.

On Sunday, we went to Cohasset for Orthros and Liturgy at the Nativity-Assumption of the Virgin Mary Greek Orthodox Church where Virgil has been farmed out to chant. I really like it there, except for the ... rather strong ... invitation ... to participate in the choir rehearsal. (No problems with that except for the DURING ORTHROS part.) If I'm-a have to get up in the mornings to drive (or ride, this Sunday) for about an hour to get to church and nobody else is there, I'm going to want to be IN church and listen to the theologically-charged Orthros service WITH my husband. I didn't say that, however, following Miss Manners' advice to repeat ad nauseam your final answer; eventually it was accepted (with astonishment and disapproval—which was odd, considering that it would have been me and the choir director). Very odd.

Anyhow, Liturgy was comfortable, in that we used the red book and the green book which I was used to from St. Andrew's. I also must confess to a certain amount of smugness when the choir director, wide-eyed, sincerely thanked the choir for their efforts. (Um. I knew it would be the same hymns I'm used to, barring Pentecostal hymns, so any fears of having people sight-reading were completely unfounded.) *sigh* All that aside, their choir (okay, their choir director and the three people besides me and V who were there) were really, really nice to sing with.

The priest was wittier than I was prepared for first thing in the morning. He was talking to a lady when I came in, following Virgil. "Ah, this is Virgil, the seminarian. He's here to chant. I believe that's his wife. I don't know why she's here." He managed to be welcoming, but it was still strange.

Then we went shopping for groceries. You know, things you put in your shopping cart, perhaps use coupons to purchase, like apples, juice, milk, chips, and a computer. Hee. It was cheap, and there was a $100-off coupon. There's a green light which blinks when it sleeps, so it's now named Kermit. This replaces Cicero, which my dad purchased for me when I started college in 1998. (Yes, I know I'm a baby.) I called my dad for father's day, and he said he might like to get the computer back, so not to use it as a boat anchor. I said (truthfully) that we were using it as a doorstop, and he said that was okay. I think I miss my dad. I hate that he's still in pain, but I am very relieved and happy that he does not have signs of cancer any more. (Thank you, God.) He sounded happy on the phone call, even saying that he should look into coming to visit. The doctors all predicted he would be dead some months ago. I think he should stay around so he can play with *my* children. He's a very good grandpa.

For dinner, we had pizza thanks to our new downstairs (and to the side) neighbors, Anthony and Elisabeth. Thanks to leftovers from the Friday pizza, and my addiction to pizza bites, that made the fifth straight meal of pizza.

Also on Sunday, I baked two batches of brownies and three loaves of the detested banana bread (*you* make it, under duress, every week for months, and see whether you can stand looking at the yellowy milky mess that says, "GLORP"). I managed to give one of each to the Guggs, one banana bread to the Boyds, take one banana bread to work where it was appreciated. (Notice this means I have a full brownie pan to come home to, and my husband even put it in the plastic container so they'll still be soft!) I like it when things-to-bake all bake at the same temperature. Naturally, I'll need to make more brownies for tomorrow's baby shower (Miruna's brother! I am prepared and braced for Romanian-Welsh cuteness!), and since I have two brownie pans, I may as well bake two. Banana bread is under duress, but brownies are *chocolate*.

Today, when trying to pray before eating lunch, my mind came up with, "Good afternoon, Sir." Not really what I had intended. (Far cry from the Our Father, which is what I was going for. Maybe I should move my lunch time earlier.) I ate much healthier than I did over the weekend. My pizza bites were accompanied by chicken nuggets, an apple, and a York Peppermint Pattie.

I am now prepared for my Google ads to think all I talk about on my blog is LUNCH.

This entry was brought to you by Miriam and Philippa, because one said "ravelled sleeve of care" and I miss her, and the other says she likes my blog-posts. Sorry this isn't very good. Next time maybe I'll add the time I fought off space aliens with my mad brownie-making abilities.


Anonymous Jim N. said...

I believe that's his wife. I don't know why she's here.

Bwah! Sounds like your kind of guy! BTW, you're about to break the record for worstest pen-pal... ;)

Mon Jun 20, 05:40:00 PM CDT  
Blogger Mimi said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful, busy weekend.

I can live without alien battling, myself.

Congratulations on Kermit.

Tue Jun 21, 05:07:00 PM CDT  

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