Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Out Sick

My throat was feeling horrid yesterday, and today the pain blossomed, so I've been home sick. Peterbird got his doctor's appointment (another step towards getting a work permit) and we decided to go get pictures taken for him (and realized I needed some, too) at the AAA place. Stupid waiting for a year to get a Plus membership. Stupid division of the country so my Texas Plus membership didn't carry over. (Otherwise, mine would have been free, and Peterbird would have had a regular membership, so we would have saved some money.)

I feel much better when I'm eating things, probably because I have something going down my throat instead of having air hit it over and over. I try to sleep on my side to avoid the ever-dreaded post-nasal drip, which makes sleeping on my back that much more desirable. (I usually sleep on my side. You know, for all of you who are taking notes.) I avoid my beloved milk. I'm not good at avoiding talking, so when I realize I want to talk, I head for the computer. If the Peterbird is reading over my shoulder (as he demonstrates), I just type in whatever window. Otherwise, I open up a notebook document and up the font to about 40 in case he's across the room.

Just now I made him sign on to aim so I could talk to him. (As one of the main chanters here over the summer, I *don't* want his throat to suffer (what, and the rest of him is okay for pain? crazy person.), so he's been taking his vitamins (and we're on echinacea and vitamin C from our neighbors, too. hee.) and gargling salt water.

It's fun, when you're using aim to avoid talking, to write "*FROWN*" and "pbth", and make those faces until (finally) he looks at you and laughs.

My tummy has decided it wants to complain, too, so I will rebed myself and go finish the second Cadfael mystery. (The first already completed this morning.)

In other news: I put the towels away. The living room is full of piles entreating me for similar use, but I scoff (yes, in their general direction; no, I am too tired to say, "scoff scoff, scorn scoff scorn" as has been my wont on occasion); there are also ants on occasion. It creeps me out that there's only ONE gigantor ant at a time, in the middle of a room. Only two have been anywhere near food.

Right. Br. Cadfael and horizontality are calling me. Besides, I have to get rested so I can watch House.


Blogger Mimi said...

Oh dear, I hope you feel better. Remember taking care of yourself when you are sick is very, very important!

Enjoy the Brother Cadafil book and the tea!

In Christ,

Wed Jun 08, 12:40:00 PM CDT  
Blogger Philippa said...

First of all, I am a HUGE Brother Cadfael fan. Have you read any Sister Fidelma books? You must. They are excellent.

Second: sore throat remedy. Tastes disgusting. Works like a charm every time. Do the following: Add to a small glass of warm salt water - one capful of hydrogen peroxide. YUCK! But it will get rid of the sore throat pretty quickly.

Wed Jun 08, 08:18:00 PM CDT  
Blogger magda said...

I think I may have learned about the Sister Fidelma books from your blog. I picked up two of each at the library. I am now an avid fan of Br. Cadfael, but Sr. Fidelma leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I'll read the other book just to make sure it wasn't just that one, but the author seems condescending. (Maybe that's because I know Latin and I know about Brehon law and ancient Irish customs.) It was an excellent plot, but lines like "The only thing you have to fear is fear itself" after the author decided against anachronistic place names ... Maybe I had higher expectations than it warranted, so I was disappointed unjustly with a good book. I'll try again.

I'm back at work today. Generic cough syrup, cough drops, and tissues, as well as juice and foodstuffs did pretty well. And then there was all the husband-time. We had a nice walk yesterday evening and really got to enjoy the beautiful campus.

Thu Jun 09, 08:05:00 AM CDT  

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