Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Continuing the count-down

Currently, there's eleven weeks, two working days, and forty-seven minutes to commencement.

Work is harder and harder to tolerate, somehow. The phrase "wailing and gnashing of teeth" is not out of place with my thoughts on the subject. Right now I don't know my plans for the next eleven-twelve-thirteen weeks. (Of course I don't know anything beyond that. That would be silly.)

So work is in the process of producing an employee handbook. I asked K a while back how many vacation days I have left (thinking I would see how much of a Paschal break I could take, or how else I should arrange my tools to stretch my sanity jeest a little further). And she didn't know. Because they're in the process of changing how vacation days are done.

What I knew before: effective January 1, employee has immediate access to a year's worth of vacation, sick time, etc.; employee keeps any unused time at the end of the year, adding to the current time.

What K indicates they may be changing to: effective at the employee's anniversary (hire) date, employee will accrue vacation time in what seems to be a monthly manner: 0.867 something days per month; employee does *not* keep unused time at the end of the year.

My anniversary date is April 25 (or 24 according to K, which makes a difference since I took Bright Monday off last year). Massachusetts law says that the employer must pay for any unused vacation time when employee leaves company. I had been planning to work as long as I could, take the vacation pay as a bonus savings for the trip to Greece; I had spoken with this to JL who seemed okay with this. However, if I do that and the second plan is in effect, I would not *get* any vacation pay, and I *would* lose what I hadn't used. Which is silly, to me. I also realized that if Holy Week would come after my anniversary date, were I still employed here and the new plan would be in effect, I wouldn't be able to take the week off. Since last year's Holy Week, I took off three days for traveling to his ordination; one day for a stress vacation day; and two sick days. Also, I really don't want to work here any more.

So JL and C1 and I (that's yours truly, not another initial) had a meeting yesterday, involving who does what and how far is her training and how can we speed things up, and I voiced my concerns about the vacation thing. JL said that within a couple of weeks, they should have three or four people ready to be interviewed. So. One thing Dn. V. and I had been talking about was giving notice this week and stopping working on my birthday. However, due to the COMPLETELY UNKNOWN FUTURE, it seems prudent to keep socking money away into the savings account.

So after commencement, there's a trip to Greece, which is sponsored by the government of Greece through the school. We have tentative dates (starting a week after commencement). We have been told the government does not have the funds to include the wives (but we don't know whether, if we pay them the money, they could include us in the plans, transportation, etc.). We have given our passport information to the (very patient) student who is working to get us any information at all.

Then after the nebulous trip to Greece, there's a tentative trip to Romania to meet my inlaws. We would like to abscond with them back to the States (you know, generic airport) so that they can be present for their son's (and brother's) ordination to the priesthood.

Theoretically (oh, how bitter are the adverbs!), the ordination would take place at Dn. V.'s new parish assignment. The most recent news on that is from one of the two bishops in Chicago, saying something to the effect of "oh, I thought of this one parish, but I'll have to talk to the other bishop; we'll get back to you."

And then we live happily ever after. Thank goodness there are no loopholes in these plans or anything. I feel like I need a daisy chain and a wispy dress and a vacant look in my eye. I don't mind plans changing ... but that means actually having plans. Right now it's too "yeah, I'd like to do that someday; how about this summer?" God, I trust, but there are a lot of other people whom I *have* to trust, pulling the strings and calling the shots. Too bad I can't get a letter from my bishop telling my boss I need to stay home and play Alpha Centauri for the next eleven weeks.

Oh, and the sequel to my thrilling "Receptionist Manual" is in the works. Today I wrote how to submit forms online. Except for the part where I needed clarification from JL, so I wrote around that. I think there's a desk under all these papers, but I'm beginning to doubt.

Eleven weeks, two working days, and nineteen minutes to commencement. Now to fill the nineteen minutes with silly things which get paper off my desk, since I can't actually think any more.



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