Friday, February 09, 2007

Crawling Through

This week has really taken it out of me, and I haven't even made it to the gym.

Work ... has been rather horrendous. E was out sick Monday, and we had a new C (C2) to train as receptionist. Our previous C (C1) was out sick Tuesday, came in for the first part of Wednesday, and had to go home and be out on Thursday as well. Nevermind all the unexpected work (for me and for C1, and training C2) I got to prevent me from my already over-loaded expected workload. And the interpersonal boundary issues. Haven't killed anyone yet, and there are 14 weeks and half a workday left now, until commencement.

On Sunday I knitted for about five or six hours. Dn. Virgil lost the scarf I had previously made him, so I figured I would pick up the lonely yarn and make him another. It's a pretty, bright red, and I'd like to be done by the 14th, but I'm planning on using up the whole skein, so I don't know whether that will happen. It's already a good length for a very short scarf, but I like knitting, and I may as well use up this skein and start in on another matching scarf for myself, since I managed to lose my scarf, too, perhaps out of spousal sympathy.

On Monday evening, I was so beat I just stayed home and knitted. On Tuesday, I went shopping during the day and after work, went to the library, and knitted while I watched House. On Wednesday, Dn. Virgil started the laundry, and I finished it; Dna. Shyla came over to visit and drove us both over to Ladies' Night Out where Dna. Vassi showed us how to make kollyva (with many different spellings), and we talked about the different traditions. Afterwards, we had the Howards up for fruit snacks. On Thursday, we had choir rehearsal for the Deacon's Singers (our SATB choir which Dn. Virgil started), and my voice told me that after that week, I was most definitely not going to be able to push enough air out of my lungs to sing well, let alone sing the soprano line. The spice tea from Natalie, given the night before, was really good when I got home (and knitted).

Lent hasn't even started, and I feel like I'm creeping towards Pascha, any progress already reduced to a crawl. I've gotten my Fr. Seraphim Dedes' Great Paraklesis cd back in the car, but couldn't summon up the energy to sing along this morning. I've noticed a difference in how difficult things seem on fasting days as opposed to non-fasting days, actively struggling against giving up. Maybe the creeping crawling is a good preparation for humbling myself, but I am longing for (perhaps not "ready") the lightness of Pascha. (Wikipedia says of crawling, "The term is often used to describe the motion of infants..." That seems appropriate in this "motion of a particularly slow process.")

This weekend we'll celebrate the Saturday of the Souls. Praise God I won't add my father to that list this week. Monday brought a scare, though he should be out of the hospital this coming Monday. (Please pray for Theodore.) On Saturday afternoon, there's a baptism for a darling baby girl on campus. After vespers, we've snagged some people to come over for dinner* before we go to the school's apokriatiko glendi (like a mardi gras celebration) in the gym in the evening. Sunday evening offers a "Kyriaki Parea" which means "Sunday Company" for the women of campus; I'll be bringing my knitting.

*We need help in eating up the ice cream, since somebody doesn't want me to do the whole thing myself. I've offered.

We are hoping that next week will bring my renewed passport and some information about where we might be going in the fall.

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