Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy St. Valentine's Day

Even though the Orthodox Church doesn't celebrate St. Valentine today—I've seen July 6, July 30, and October 24 at least—I read a post today about the blogger's grandparents, which reminded me of my own. I have inherited my grandmother's genealogy papers and paraphernalia, and this includes several little love notes. This is one from my mother to her father, or, as is written on the back in a little girl's scrawl: "Daddy from Cathie."

Other little treasures include Easter, Father's Day, and Christmas cards. I know there are people who are down on having a holiday for romantic love, but I remember my grandmother weeping for the husband she'd lost more than ten years earlier. I like using the icon stickers from the Archdiocese's mailing labels as "stamps" on my little love notes to my husband.



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