Thursday, December 06, 2012

101 Things in 1001 Days

Shamelessly borrowing from my friend Reve and her sister, but with possibly less chance of success, I am going to attempt to complete 101 things in 1001 days.  The start date is Friday, December 7, 2012, and the end date is September 4, 2015.

One of the (many) things I love so much about Reve is that she doesn't wait around for other people to do things. She figures out what she wants to do (which can be difficult in and of itself), and makes the attempt, paying attention to what she's doing and how she's doing it, but, most importantly, doing something about it. Sometimes I feel enervated because I wait on other people to do things, so I am hoping that this list will help motivate me to act on my own amelioration. (Also, I have had some success with two recently started projects: a photo challenge and a reading challenge. I am behind, but still working, on another reading challenge.)

Health and Fitness (9)
001. Take a walk every day for a week (of at least a mile)
002. Floss teeth daily for a month
003. Go to the gym 15 times, working for at least half an hour [0/15]
004. Do midwife-approved strengthening exercises after giving birth *
005. Get a massage (two times) [0/2]
006. Visit an eye doctor and check my prescription/glasses/contacts
007. Go to the dentist yearly (three times) [0/3]
008. Set a bedtime and stick to it for 30 consecutive days
009. Take a multivitamin for 30 consecutive days

Learning (12)
010. Read the New Testament [1/27] (New Testament Challenge already started, although I am very behind)
011. Read the Old Testament [0/51]
012. Read a month's worth of Church Fathers (already started) [6/31]
013. Learn something in Romanian *
014. Learn the countries of each continent ( quizzes, first time success in a day) [0/6]
015. Read 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
016. Memorize the first five kathismata (Psalms 1-36) [0/36]
017. Learn apolytikia for all family saints (Peter, Mary Magdalene, Theodore the Studite, Gregory Palamas, Lucia, Catherine, and two more to be decided in January...) in English [0/8]
018. Memorize the books of the Bible in order
019. Learn the 8 resurrectional apolytikia in English [0/8]
020. Learn the 12 great festal hymns: apolytikia and kontakia in English [0/24]
021. Learn to make a prayer rope

Social Ties (7)
022. Have a dinner party
023. Invite others on a ladies' night out
024. Invite Matthew to visit our family
025. Make a birthday list and send out birthday cards to at least five friends (namedays also count) [0/5]
026. Set up five playdates [0/5]
027. Send out annual letter (twice) [0/2]
028. Host a Lego party

Better World (7)
029. Volunteer at the library
030. Donate blood
031. Donate to Matt and Tara in Niger
032. Put together and send kits to IOCC; put together some "blessing bags" to keep in the car
033. Volunteer at the soup kitchen with Philoptochos
034. Visit a nursing home with the children
035. Buy a cow/goat/bees from the Heifer Project

Homestead (20)
036. See about southeast corner landscaping/drainage
037. Get gutters cleaned (install gutter guard?)
038. Put up outdoor Christmas decorations (wreath, lights)
039. Get chimney/fireplace inspected and put in working order
040. Replace bathtub drain (main floor)
041. Secure the threshhold for the walk-in door to the garage
042. Properly mount the safety reverse on the garage door (eyes)
043. Figure out what all electrical switches go to
044. Replace light in street lamp
045. Add light to upstairs closet
046. Install a programmable thermostat
047. Fix main floor bathroom sink flow issue (clean aerator?)
048. Replace shower heads
049. Fix upstairs bath handle leaks
050. Stick with bi-weekly cleaning day (laundry, cleaning bathrooms, dishes) for four instances [0/4]
051. Plant Lucia's Christmas tree
052. Introduce ourselves to each of the neighbors on our street/block [0/14]
053. Get a free energy check-up for the house
054. Sort through and organize ALL clothes (his, mine, and the children's) for what fits, what needs repair, and by season (store, donate, repair as needed)
055. Unpack everything from the move ... and put it away

Computer (7)
056. Organize desktop icons
057. Organize files
058. Make wedding photos more accessible (i.e., find them)
059. Upload photos from computer to online albums
060. Select and order photos from online albums for physical albums
061. Update physical photo albums
062. Completely clear out gmail inbox

Car (3)
063. Clean out car, including vacuuming and car wash [0/3]
064. Clean out minivan, including vacuuming and car wash [0/3]
065. Transfer minivan title to Iowa

Crafty (7)
066. Finish knitting (Teddy's) toddler pants
067. Make epitrachelion
068. Make a dollhouse church
069. Write a children's story about a family saint
070. Make (liturgical) seasonal notebooks (New Year to Nativity Fast, Nativity Fast to Triodion, Triodion and Lent, Pascha to Pentecost, Apostles' Fast to end of liturgical year) [0/5]
071. Replace the elastic in all the white diapers (legs) and all diapers (backs) [0/8; 0/24]

Food (5)
072. Make a fasting menu plan for a week
073. Make a non-fasting menu plan for a week
074. Eat salad four times a week for four consecutive weeks
075. Make a meal with the crockpot
076. Work on Auntie Leila's "Happy Home: Food Organization" list every day (even a little bit) for a week

Activities (7)
077. Find an Irish dancing school near Cedar Rapids
078. Play the flute for half an hour every day for a week
079. Play the fiddle for half an hour every day for a week
080. Find a piano teacher and something to practice on
081. Go to see live theater with my husband and no children
082. Go to see live theater with the whole family (children's performance)
083. Attend a retreat or icon workshop (no children)

Travel (6)
084. Visit a monastery with the family
085. Visit three different museums [0/3]
086. Go to the zoo
087. Go to the park with the children 20 times [0/20]
088. Ride a train with the children
089. Go to the St. Emmelia Homeschooling Conference

Miscellaneous (12)
090. Have a baby (this one is definitely already started)
091. Make a passwords book
092. Get children a tape player and record three books on tape [0/3]
093. Make a will
094. Have a written funeral plan (find out about laws for green burial, transport across state lines, burial at monastery)
095. Make to-do list for Romanian paperwork for children's citizenship
096. Read (or re-read, to be in order) all the Newbery Medal books (assuming there will be three more as this 1001 days goes; ordered holds on the first three to be picked up at my local library) [0/94]
097. Complete a monthly photo challenge (already started, and I'm counting doubles and skipping one so far) [6/31]
098. Get new Iowa credit union account(s)
099. Participate in {phfr} on "Like Mother, Like Daughter" for four weeks in a row [0/4]
101. Make/find/buy a homeschooling curriculum
101. Sort through and cull the filing cabinet

*I need to be more specific about this goal (4 and 13).

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