Tuesday, October 05, 2004

basketball tryouts

Today was, again, mostly cleaning. The kitchen and bathroom are vastly improved. The bedroom, formerly Swamp of Clothing, is also drastically changed. I cleaned two things thoroughly (with Lysol): the dustpan which had been fermenting leaves outside and the plastic kitchen trash can which had been ... well, just fermenting.

No news on the LandA front. Two possibilities at Manpower, which I postponed until tomorrow. I guess I'll call LandA and if I can't reach her, I'll accept a Manpower thing ... which, naturally, requires an interview. *sigh*

Tonight was girls' basketball tryouts at St. Vasilios in Peab'dy. There were 16 little girls on my half of the gym (15 trying out and one helping and having a ball). Only four or five were what you might call good; the others made me understand certain drawings of children, like the ones in the Roald Dahl books. Hands and feet simply tossed around with the ball, then a gasp of hope over whether the ball goes were it was willed to go.

My nose is still cold. Happy October!


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