Friday, March 11, 2005

Liar, Liar, Car's on ...

Mr. S--- came back from a smoke. "Hey, B--, your car's smoking." So Mr. B-- went outside, quickly, and came back in, quickly. Ms. E---- called the fire department, and I watched the progression of smoke to flames through a growing crack, then hole of the windshield.

Ms. E---- noticed that her car and Mr. A---'s car were parked next to Mr. B--'s car. She went to move her car, and I had the delight of speeding to Mr. A---'s office and telling him, "B--'s car is on fire. Yours is next to it, and you might want to move it."

He got to tell the person on the line, "Hey. I have to move my car. The car next to it is on fire. Bye!" and race out the door. Not as neet as Tham's "Cat's caught in the printer; gotta go!" excuse to get off the phone, but still.

The fire department came (our phone number isn't for S--------, where we are located, it's for C-----, so the fire department of the latter came, taking longer); the guys were already out with two fire extinguishers (one I found in the stairwell). Nobody's hurt, but we've been smelling smoke all day long.

Okay, Mr. Gugg, I admit that there are benefits to smoking.

No word yet on what caused the fire. Poor Mr. B--.


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