Monday, March 07, 2005

Today at Work

Ms. R--- is still on vacation for one more day, and Ms. L--- has gone on maternity leave. Ms. E---- went to the banks, and the guys were, well, swarming all over the office, unless you wanted to find one.

Put two thoughts together.
Phone, phone, phone.
Work on inv-
Work on invoices.
Phone, phone, phone.
Work on th-
Phone, phone, phone, fax, phone.
Work on thing for Mr. A---.
Work on thing for Mr. W-------.

Then the phone was possessed until [interrupted by phone while blogging] Ms. E---- came back.

Still need to work on thing for Mr. W------- and the invoices are now in two piles: possible and needing to have brain-power for. Possible is a large stack, and n-t-h-b-p-f is also a large stack.

Maybe tomorrow I'll pack a lunch so I can have more than Goldfish Baked Snack Crackers™ (Parmesan flavor) and water. Not that I'd have time to eat it, but it would comfort me.

I wish jobs came with a spring break. I'm quite envious of my husband, even though all he gets to do is paperwork, taxes, taxes, and taxes.

I have enough time to blog occasionally, since that doesn't require me to put two thoughts together, just one at a time. Or fewer.



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