Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Not "Trading Spaces" Resumes

New computer, so I downloaded a whole bunch of things which are ALL aggravating me, with their faux-helpfulness. I wanna click and drag to the internet already! Rawr!

Oh, well. Here comes some coding. Please leave off commenting for a while, and don't comment on the pictures, because they will go away. Hopefully in the way in which I say, instead of blithering off into the ether.

I was partially successful in my homework. I went to Big Lots to look at slipcovers the one loveseat slipcover. Their frames weren't so great, either. Luckily, I had asked E and R from work, and they had given me directions to "Ocean State Job Lot" which is the weirdest name for a store, but I found couch slipcovers for $29.99, and some really awesome frames (just frames, for not much money) for the iris pictures, and one for a St Peter icon which my mother sent (really just a page in a magazine, but I know my St Peter when I see him) for Virgil's nameday (June 29). I even picked up some surge protectors for the outlet dilemma there. For cheap! Then I went to the drycleaners and found out they close at 7. (Did I forget to rant about Boston traffic? Silly me.) So, at 7:15, I went home and called Jenny over.

We put the iris photos in frames and hung them above my messy desk:

Garden above the mess

Jenny and Virgil hung the magnolia print in the large empty space on the south-east wall:

Large magnolia picture ... and mess

Virgil, sitting up straight at his computer desk

What? You think I'm posting pictures of *me* on my blog? You don't know me very well.

I did clean off the dining room table last night, and now the framed icon of St Peter looks nice on the table. I love Jenny's placement of the icons:

Dining "room" table

Top: Mystical supper; left: Sweet-kissing Panagia; middle: Christ; right: Holy Trinity.

I like how clean and happy the bathroom wall is now:

Bathroom wall

Holy Apostle Peter, pray to God for us!

Icon of St Peter in frame

... 'cause we gots homework:
  • finish the piles (Jenny did say we made progress);
  • take the towel off the ottoman already;
  • get blank slipcovers (we may need to wait on this due to budget);
  • find some baskets for crafts to be placed on the top of the desk (ask my mother first);
  • ask my mother if she could send Ganga's knicknack shelf (I don't know about shipping furniture, but it doesn't hurt to ask, right?);
  • put up the bathroom shelf with toggle bolts.
I have some self-assigned homework, too, but I'm tired of battling the internet.

Pray for me, the tired and worthless sinner.


Blogger Mimi said...

This looks great, it is wonderful to see your decorating.
I love the photos of the flowers, and of course the icons are very wonderful!

Thu Jun 23, 01:48:00 PM CDT  

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