Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Feast of the Holy Cross, Vespers 2005

I was very happy to be able to attend Great Vespers for the feast of the Elevation of the Holy Cross, one of the Twelve Great Feasts of the Orthodox Church. At the Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology with its Holy Cross Chapel, it is the "patronal feast." His Eminence Demetrios, Archbishop of America, came to bestow exorassa to the seniors, bestow crosses to the second-year students who are gaining official seminarian status *ahem*, and be introduced to the incoming students.

Seniors receive the exorasson from His Eminence Demetrios, Archbishop of America.

David Eynon receives his cross from His Eminence Demetrios, Archbishop of America.

The incoming class of 2004, with His Eminence Demetrios, Archbishop of America, and with Fr. Nick Triantafilou.

How many Nicks can you get in a random shot? At least three: March, Hadzellis, and Marcus.

Virgil Petrişor Andronache and David Eynon.

Niko Bekris and Virgil Petrişor Andronache.

A beautiful festal night.

The Feast of the Elevation of the Holy Cross, Tuesday, September 14, 2005.

Archbishop Demetrios, before he placed the crosses on the necks of the seminarians: "[The cross is ...] an unfailing, unique symbol of God. Please, wear it as a protection, as an inspiration, as a guide, as a life-giving, and as a wonderful salvation item proclaiming: proclaiming your own salvation, and the salvation of the people with whom you will be in touch. May God be with you." [Transcribed from the tiny video I took with the digital camera.]

"Rejoice, O precious Cross of the Lord.
Through you mankind has been released from the primal curse;
the sign indicating true joy,
O wood respected by all,
in your exaltation cursing enemies.

"For us you are help in need, and the strength of the Emperors,
might of the righteous, and the dignity of the priests,
for when you are signed you redeem us from miseries.

"Rod of the power from above, by which we are shepherded;
the shield of peace that the Angels in fear attend to respectfully;
divine holy glory of the Master Christ who grants His great mercy to the world."

Aposticha 2, long version pp. 13-14 (PDF), Fr. Seraphim Dedes' translation.


Blogger Laura said...

Congratulations to all the "new" Seminarians!

Thu Sep 15, 05:59:00 AM CDT  
Blogger Mimi said...

What wonderful photos! I'd like to add my congratulations as well to Lauras!

Our parish had the Bishop with us for the Vigil of Holy Cross, I'd never seen the Elevation by the Bishop and the 500 Lord have Mercies - it was such a blessing!

Fri Sep 16, 01:24:00 PM CDT  

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