Saturday, September 01, 2007

Saturday, September 1

Ha! This time I remembered Smart Habits Saturday on Saturday. Not that anyone else is particularly interested in how many times a week I remembered to floss and water the orchid, but nobody has complained. Yet.

*Wake up 7:30 - Averaged 8:43 (7:24 to 10:37)
*Prayer and Scripture - 7/7
*Make bed - 7/7
*Get dressed - 7/7
*Eyes/teeth/face - 7/7
*Hair and make-up - 7/7
*Laundry check - 7/7
*Flower check - 7/7
*Eat breakfast - 6/6
*15 min to-do - 6/7
*15 min declutter - 4/7
*15 min zone - 3/7
*15 min to-do - 3/7
*Eat lunch - 7/7
*Eat snack - 3/3
*Prepare dinner - 4/6
*Dishes check - 6/7
*Lay out clothes - 5/6
*Vitamin - 6/7
*Exercise - 4/7
*Eyes/teeth/face - 6/7
*Prayer - 6/7
*Bed 9:30 - Averaged 10:03 (9:20 to 11:37)
*Lights out 10 - Averaged 11:02 (10:19 to 12:07)
118/140=84%; times: 3 hours, 29 minutes late.

During the week, I realized that I was being mean and crabby. Okay, and it might have been evident to my husband, who suggested that I eat a snack around 4 pm. After that I was able to keep on target, and even got everything done on Friday. (Thankfully escaping the "prepare dinner" task, as we were invited out to a lovely dinner at a parishioner's house at which I ate, unregrettably, too much dessert.)

I had hoped that laying out my clothes the night before would help me get my mornings more in line.

I am disappointed that I am more than a half hour behind on my overall times since last week, although those were skewed a bit as I woke up at 6:34 when Fr. Peter had to go to the airport very early.

I surprised myself with the to-do list. I actually sewed a rip and even finished typing the baptismal service (in Greek!). And things that weren't on the list got done, too, like taking pictures of some flowers in the yard and sending them to my sister the same day; and staying on top of paying hospital bills (oh, and does that ever need staying on top of; we're almost running out of paper clips to keep each section separate).

In other news, Fr. Peter has his brand-new home entertainment system. (Those credit card reward thingies earned us a $100 Sears gift card, and he'd been pining away for months.) Now it only takes me five minutes to manage to turn on the television (and the cable box and the sound). And I can hear when he's listening to music ... from any room in the house. And he needs another cable so we can watch DVDs ... although all of ours are in a box somewhere.

Go Irish, beat Yellow Jackets!


Blogger Mimi said...

Good job! Whohoooo!

Sat Sep 01, 01:38:00 PM CDT  
Blogger Rebecca said...

Wow! You are doing great on many/most of your habits! Have a great week!

Sat Sep 01, 02:24:00 PM CDT  
Blogger penguinsandladybugs said...

WHOA! You are working on a lot of habits there. Good job!!

Sat Sep 01, 04:38:00 PM CDT  
Blogger The Lazy Organizer said...

We're always interested in flossing and orchid watering. Good job!

Sun Sep 02, 02:40:00 PM CDT  

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