Monday, September 24, 2007

Saturday, September 22

Smart Habits Saturday:

*Wake up 7:30 - Averaged 8:59 (7:36 to 10:00)
The usual, adding a 15-minute chant practice.
*Shower under 5 min - Averaged 7 and a half minutes again
*Computer off 8:30 - Averaged 7:38 (5:38 to 10:29, with one day of not turning it on at all, averaged in at zero)
*Bed 9:30 - Averaged 10:06 (9:32 to 11:33)
*Lights out 10 - Averaged 11:03 (10:09 to 11:44)
130/149=87%; times: three hours, 39 minutes late (now excluding the computer)

I have been really struggling this past weekend, especially with the rule about not turning on the computer until I have finished the tasks for the day up to lunch.

Also, with the main to-do task being "unpack," the rest of the to-do list gets a little shunted aside. I am thinking about adding a "project" 15 minutes.

In any case, I got quite a bit done today, moving things from one room into another. I think I can qualify as "moved in" now. Although there are still plenty of boxes to sort through, in my life there have *always* been plenty of boxes to sort through. In this case, I have them organized by papers, music*, and stuff. (The books are on the bookcases; one box I thought was music was actually mystery novels. Nevermind that it was correctly labelled.) Then, not necessarily in boxes, but still to be organized in my Grand Scheme of Things, are clothing, books, kitchen things, artwork and art supplies, computer paraphernalia, yardwork, and icons. I am, of course, looking forward more to culling, categorizing, and organizing the books than anything else. The kitchen things will have to wait until the bookcases come from Denver, as our kitchen storage options are currently limited. Hopefully, there will be room also for the books from Denver (Eleven boxes. I couldn't help myself, so I helped myself.), board games (our collection also being added to), folding tables and chairs (likewise from Denver), and office supplies.

*Nine boxes of it, as I can't bear to throw out sheet music and have been playing instruments myself for over 16 years now, which doesn't bear in mind that my father was also collecting on my behalf as well as his own (came across a guitar book which is identical to the one he gave me), as well as the music I had inherited from my mother's and great-grandmother's musical days. I will have to get a move on the latter, as a cousin has requested particular things and I have no idea what I have except that it is old and most definitely quaint.

My husband seems to like the current setup in the pink room** (move-to), whereas I was concerned about the mess in the office (move-from). The six-foot table covered quite a few boxes of ... stuff I really have no idea what to do with. Fortunately I realized I had never actually told my husband that I wanted him to sort through all the computer things, so that stuff will reduce in quantity.

**The two guest rooms are now named for the color of their sheets: green and pink. It was a little odd saying "the guest room" and "the other guest room which was to have been the baby's room but there's not going to be a baby now and my isn't this awkward." But now the pinkness of the sheets has been covered by the green thing (an ancient, decrepit foam futon for which my mother seems to have a fondness and therefore must take with her at the earliest available opportunity), which in turn is piled upon by... um... boxes strategically placed for sorting. (Yes, they're full of Stuff.)

Since we have recently made a trip to the library, I am finding it easy to take breaks between getting things done to read a chapter at a time. That way, I have something to look forward to (Terry Pratchett) when performing a disagreeable task.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention that I am enrolled in Greek school. I have come quite a long way in pronuncimanating modern Greek. I have tried not to show off, but I've been around Greek for about five years now, so I do have a few skills. Such as pronouncing and typing. I can even find certain typographical errors, and in ancient/liturgical Greek. However, my conversational Greek is limited to "Please," "Thank you," "You're welcome," "I'm sorry," "How are you?" "Good," "Good day/evening/night," and, in a desperate conversational gambit, most of the Trisagion prayers. (The Our Father is an excellent thing to learn on long car trips, though I am still working on it in Romanian with all its tricky vowels.) Hopefully tomorrow I will remember to count my sit-ups (nasty things) in Greek. Hmm. Except I only have the numbers one through ten... No, I guess I can't get away with halving that part of my exercise routine.



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