Saturday, September 08, 2007

Saturday, September 8

I asked Fr. Peter what we should give the Theotokos for her birthday, and he said we should give her a good Liturgy, so we did. For whatever reason, it was more difficult today than usual. I still need to work on the waking up end of things. In any case, it's time for another Smart Habits Saturday!

*Wake up 7:30 - Averaged 8:39 (7:49 to 9:41)
*Prayer and Scripture - 7/7
*Make bed - 7/7
*Get dressed - 7/7
*Eyes/teeth/face - 7/7
*Hair and make-up - 7/7
*Vitamin - 6/7
*Laundry check - 6/7
*Flower check - 6/7
*Eat breakfast - 6/6
*Exercise - 4/7
*15 min to-do - 4/7
*15 min declutter - 4/7
*15 min zone - 6/7
*15 min to-do - 4/7
*Eat lunch - 7/7
*Eat snack - 7/7
*Prepare dinner - 6/6
*Dishes check - 6/7
*Lay out clothes - 6/7
*Eyes/teeth/face - 6/7
*Prayer - 7/7
*Shower under 5 min - Averaged 8 minutes
*Computer off 8:30 - Averaged 9:11 (8:26 to 11:23)
*Bed 9:30 - Averaged 10:07 (9:19 to 11:39)
*Lights out 10 - Averaged 10:52 (10:21 to 12:02)
126/145=87%; times: 3 hours, 30 minutes late (now including turning the computer off).

After reading on someone else's blog the goal for getting showers under 5 minutes, I decided I would try it. It's not technically a goal yet, because I want to take my times and see what my average time is, for maybe another week.

I also read ... somewhere (I really should mark these things) about someone's habit of making settling her son down to bed easier by turning off electronics an hour before bedtime. So I set the rule for myself not only that I need to turn off the computer at 8:30 at night, but that I'm not allowed to turn it on in the first place until I've completed my list up to eating lunch. So far it's been around lunch time that it gets turned on. I've noticed that I get everything done on those days (on four of the past seven days I've accomplished everything on my list except the timings—which are harder to work on). I get my list started in the morning, and make a conscious effort to be good, allowing myself breaks (reading the Little Colonel books helps in being a break and inspiring me at the same time). Then in the afternoon, I can watch a movie (or the US Open, to which my husband has somehow addicted me) while I eat lunch and relax... and then I'm antsy to keep progressing. So I've actually gotten more done than I intended, including things I've been putting off for at least 5 years: closing a bank account which I hadn't even told my married name...

Ooh. Interception for a touchdown! 'Scuse. Must go cheer on my team some more, even though my throat is a bit hoarse already.

Also, does anyone have ideas (for an auntie on a budget) for a certain five-year-old boy whose birthday is upcoming, with the theme of volcanoes? His mother has been told on no uncertain terms that volcanoes and dinosaurs will not be mixed at the festivities. She is going to make him an actual erupting volcano cake. I need to remember to ask for a cake from her for my birthday. Heh. With an icon on it or something.

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Blogger Mimi said...

Happy Afterfeast!

Um, thinking about volcano related stuff...maybe a good book?

Mon Sep 10, 12:26:00 PM CDT  

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