Friday, June 06, 2008

Prayer request and miscellany

Please pray for the repose of my cousin David, who passed away yesterday.

It seems strange to write about completely unrelated things after that. My sister called me about David while I was getting ready to go to volunteer at a food pantry with the GOYA. At the food pantry, I was separated from the youth and put to "work" giving out baby food. (In two hours, only three people came by, and one lady and her baby were there the whole time, so I talked to her and played with the baby for two hours. Not really what I'd call "work.")

On Wednesday night, the gym was in use for something else, so basketball was canceled. Fr. Peter was able to move his marriage preparation class to the afternoon, so we had the whole evening free. I made a list of activities for him to consider for the evening, from "yard work" to "eat out" to "go buy a surprise." He rated them in the order of interest, and we had a really neat evening, getting him the DVD of The Aristocats (one of his absolutely favorite movies; unfortunately, he's an excellent guesser/mind-reader, so it wasn't really a surprise), going out to eat at Olive Garden (gift cards are pretty nice!), and going for another swim at the Long Center.*

*We've brokered a deal: he helps out in the yard on Tuesday (his day off), and I go to the gym and pool with him twice a week. So far, it's been okay, although I am biased against the pool because I'm really bad at swimming and because it's hard to read in the pool (especially compared to the treadmill). Since I've had ear problems all my life (and now have a very slightly perforated eardrum) and hate ear plugs, I have been opting to keep my head out of the water. So, feeling like a (very round) idiot, my options are walking in the pool, dog-paddling, and using a kick-board (and a combination of the first two). I further feel idiotic by being happy that I can almost dog-paddle the whole way across the pool and I am no longer taking 5-minute breaks between each leg. Meanwhile, a few lanes over, my husband is working on his strokes, currently trying to improve his (lamentable, according to him) twice-as-slow-as-the-world-record time, and being recruited for the adults' competition team by the lifeguards. I hope Bunny** enjoys my efforts, anyhow.

**"Bunny" for "bun in the oven." It's nicer to have a pet name than just continually saying "the baby," and I'm not ready to do as some friends who went with alternating names from the characters of The Cosby Show each month.

My husband is pretty much done with the new version of the website for the Metropolis of Atlanta, so it should be transferred to that link soon. I've been having fun (and not, depending) helping him fix things and transfer things from the old site.

Next week, our church will have the ominous (is that just to me?) "Vacation Bible School." I had originally said I'd do arts and crafts, but I was somehow moved to music, so I'm half-heartedly trying to learn the songs and *cough* choreography of these generic Christian things so I can teach them. Right now I am taking a break with Veruca Salt and Björk. I kinda wish I could teach the kids Orthodox hymns, or even things from a modern Orthodox tradition, like the music from the Panagia With Us All cd we have. Prayers requested.

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Blogger DebD said...

So sorry about the repose of your cousin. May his memory be eternal.

Our church has decided to do VCS this year - ugh. I'm not a big proponent of it, and I was secretly wishing it was going to be during our vacation. I do like Bjork though!

Sat Jun 07, 05:40:00 AM CDT  
Blogger Mimi said...

May David's Memory be Eternal.

We do VBS every year, with a mix of folky church songs (the ones we all grew up with) and some church songs. I don't see any reason why you can't do some.

Sat Jun 07, 03:52:00 PM CDT  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

My prayers for you and your family at the loss of your cousin. May his Memory be Eternal.

I hope the VBS goes well - you have my prayers :-)

The swimming sounds great !

Sun Jun 08, 02:11:00 AM CDT  
Blogger Hans Lundahl said...

mémoire éternelle!

Thu Jun 19, 11:50:00 AM CDT  
Blogger JTKlopcic said...

Memory eternal.

**"Bunny" for "bun in the oven." It's nicer to have a pet name than just continually saying "the baby," and I'm not ready to do as some friends who went with alternating names from the characters of The Cosby Show each month.

Wonderful! We always come up with some gender-neutral pet name for each belly-inhabitant until we can determine gender and an appropriate name. It seems so harsh to my ears when some people refer to their own flesh-and-blood as an "it" or an impersonal "the baby".

Love your blog!

Mon Jun 30, 02:09:00 PM CDT  
Anonymous Michelle Melania said...

This is my first visit to you blog.

I am sorry to hear of the repose of your cousin. Memory Eternal!

Congratulations on your pregnancy with "Bunny"- very sweet! We always knew if we were having a boy or a girl very early on. They both made it very obvious.

Please drop by my blog when you have a chance.

Fri Aug 01, 12:57:00 PM CDT  

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