Saturday, December 31, 2011


I'm sure you've heard of the little story about "getting up again," and this is what makes me excited about preparing for the new year.

Changing the calendar.
Filling out the stewardship form for our parish.
Deciding our twelve favorite charities for our monthly tithing, and when each should receive the donation.
Coming up with family goals, and trying to figure out concrete ways of effecting (and remembering) them.

I have tried several times to read the Bible all the way through, so I'm especially happy that my husband has agreed to a goal of each of us reading through it in 2012.

It's wonderful to think of the spiritual benefits of all of these things, but secretly, maybe it's just that I'm devoted to spreadsheets.

Another challenge I've set for myself is not buying any books this coming year.  I went to visit my mother for a week, and a main goal of that trip was to sort through childhood books and toys.  I was so thrilled about the books that I rashly gushed to my husband, "I won't need to buy books for a whole year!"  And the rascal took me up on it.  (I didn't say that he couldn't buy any books for me, and I did make sure that I could buy until the end of December.  What?  Light-and-Life had a sale for 20% off children's books, and All Saints' Monastery (Calverton, NY) came out with a darling little book.)

Things which are not official resolutions, but I am attempting anyhow:

I am walking more (to and from the produce stand, once from the oil-change-place to the library and back, and once from church) these past two weeks, and I seem to have escaped the most recent weight plateau (the same weight for about three months).

I am trying to keep my temper.  Please pray for me, as it is a constant struggle.

I want to put my house in order, physically, bodily, and spiritually, and actually post about it to my project blog rather than just putting it off and saying, "Oh, I should get to that..."  The benefits of accomplishments are so marvelous!  Why is it, then, that it is so difficult to get started?

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