Monday, October 11, 2004


Mistakes today: hung up on caller while learning how to transfer to voicemail; printed over 100 color copies on the wrong paper.

Talked to one of my bosses about how he's going to get me drugs. He didn't follow through. He seems interesting enough, or at least interested; we talked about Eastern Orthodoxy v. Eastern Rite.

Other than that I've been bored out of my mind, and worried about Papa.

Yperagia Theotoke, soson imas. Thank you for the Paraklesis this morning. The words and melodies have been flooding through my head all day.


Blogger TeaLizzy said...

It could be least you made the right copies on the wrong paper...

Thu Oct 14, 06:49:00 AM CDT  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

Does Fr. Calivas do Paraklesis anymore at the seminary chapel? I still miss Paraklesis done by Fr. beautiful. We used to do it every Friday evening.

Mon Nov 14, 10:15:00 AM CST  

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