Thursday, June 23, 2005

Thursday Evening

After work, I got gas for Gertrude, then went by the drycleaning place. There was a highschool boy there who wasn't really interested in helping me, and rather wished I would go away and was just this side of polite about it. I left the box and a note for his boss asking her to call or email me at home or at work and tell me what could be done in terms of cleaning, preservation, and storage. (Some of the lace doilies are so frail they are sewn into the tissue paper to keep them in place.)

Came home, drank up all my milk and ate some cheese puff things. Fell on the bed with a Br. Cadfael mystery (2nd since Saturday's excursion), and decided I didn't want to do much work this evening.

Invited Elisabeth over; watched Secondhand Lions. WOW! It's a really good movie! Somewhat like Princess Bride, but definitely its own movie. I wish the living room had more of a muffling effect—my laughter was rather loud. Also, Kermit's DVD software is really nice and user friendly. Hmm. I should look up that comic strip and get caught up.

Homework in progress:
  • finish the piles (I worked on this the tiniest bit, or at least I threw things away.);
  • take the towel off the ottoman already;
  • get blank slipcovers (still under consideration);
  • find some baskets for crafts to be placed on the top of the desk (emailed mother);
  • ask my mother if she could send Ganga's knicknack shelf (I don't know about shipping furniture, but it doesn't hurt to ask, right?)—no, didn't hurt at all, yet.;
  • put up the bathroom shelf with toggle bolts.
  • lamps in bedroom;
  • lamps in living room;
  • adjust bathroom painting within frame;
  • take pictures;
  • organize top of desk.
Next up: the weekend, during which I aim to go through the [cue dramatic music] paper files! (Of course, I *aim* to do everything and more, but there are movies to be watched, and a certain medieval monk's adventures to peruse.) Hey! I made progress! Go, me! Go, my family! Go, my apartment! Go to bed!


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