Friday, November 25, 2005

Notes to myself

It's early for me on a day off from work. I am asleep, and the phone rings. Peter is out at Liturgy. I decide to answer: it could be Important.

Not this time. I don't have my contacts in, and I can find a pen, but no paper. Only one piece of information is new in the message for my husband, so I write that down.

I didn't think this was strange until I looked at my thigh at the end of the day and see the word "dinner" written there.


Blogger Mimi said...

On your thigh? Giggle.

Mon Nov 28, 02:47:00 PM CST  
Blogger JenCK said...

I literally LOL.

That was pretty good.

I would've chosen my hand....but maybe that's just me.


Sat Dec 03, 08:03:00 PM CST  

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