Monday, November 14, 2005

10 Influencing People

A meme from Laura: "Top 10 Greatest Influences Outside of God and my Family Members." ('10' in base 14-ish.)

people who taught me things about becoming an adult:
-Ava Preacher: Most people who graduate from high school are not immediately ready for college; it's okay not to be ready for college.
-Rebecca Davidson: Intelligent people don't always know how to get along in the world, but you'll figure it out; it's okay not to agree with your parents on how to live your life, but you still have to respect them.

Latin teachers, in particular, who made me realize I can do more than I dreamed:
-Linda Rawlings: If you're in a bad mood, the people around you can tell; it's more fun to be in a good mood. Also, if you study, you will enjoy understanding the material.
-Daniel Sheerin
-Brian Krostenko

peers who got me through college:
-Rebecca Weber: Cut out the non-essentials; friends are essentials, and hard work never killed anyone.
-Miriam Rainbird: If your Latin homework goes past midnight, pour the vodka; chocolate and good food solve a lot of unhappiness, and an understanding friend helps to close the gap.
-Sarah R— C—
-Tim Brick

people who have simply been safe havens, yet helped me grow and look at myself:
-Tara W— M— (elementary school, before the move)
-Heather S— H— (elementary school and beyond, after the move)
-Fr. George Konstantopoulos
-Fr. Seraphim Dedes

and the current little angels.

I think Gabi is too little for this one (but feel free to surprise me, o ye parents), and most of the people I would tag have already been tagged (if I've missed someone, go ahead and be tagged, but it's difficult following the branching thread backwards), so I'll just zap Peterbird. ZAP! I say!


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Wonderful list, vodka and all!

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