Thursday, November 10, 2005

Office dynamics

Now, most people, when they use the phrase "office dynamics" are talking about how people interact with each other. The people in my office, however, interact with each other loudly.

When D— is in his office, to my left, talking to someone with the door open, even though I cannot see anyone in his office, it sounds as though they are a mere three feet away, talking directly to me.

When E— is in her office, to my right, I can clearly hear her when she's just muttering or humming to herself. Which she does.

Yes, that might be irritating, you say, but surely it's not enough to make a fuss about.

Except that D— is developing the habit of using the intercom with speakerphone to speak to E—, who is also on speakerphone. He calls to see whether or not she's free to meet with him. And then he invites her into his office.

Augh! I do not need to hear the pre-meta-meta-conversation in stereo with booming voices ricocheting off the acoustically bright walls. Also: fie!


Blogger Mimi said...

Eeek, that would drive me nuts.

Thankfully, I can close the door in my office (I share it with my boss only), but I get a bit claustrophobic with the door closed, so I only do it when necessary.

Mon Nov 14, 01:19:00 PM CST  

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