Tuesday, October 18, 2005

In which the Magda and Peterbird go to the gym

I owe you a post on the reliquary from two weeks ago. I did not go to the presvytera meeting or Peterbird's chant group this past Thursday. I did not go to the festal choir rehearsal or the women's choir rehearsal this past Monday (for which I am much sorrier).

BUT. Tonight we stuck to our plan, despite crankiness, and made it to the library (remembered to pay the 35-cent fine, even) AND THE GYM.

Heretofore I had avoided the gym, not having seen it in its newly outfitted glory of cleanliness and tv screens. Also, there was potential exercise, and I didn't want any of that. Vanity and, I guess, love for the Peterbird led me into the gym tonight. (I'll be going to Grandma's 90th birthday party two weekends from now, seeing many cousins for the first time in years, and my pants are too tight and even though I only have one pair which is starting to unravel at the cuffs I really really really please don't make me go shopping. Ahem.)

So I did the elliptical machine on A and E's advice, which made me feel queasy until I was clever enough to make it go forward (push your feet in the direction you want it to go: oh, the cleverness of me!). Then I lifted the onerous weight of five pounds in three sets of fifteen each. Then Peterbird checked out a basketball and we went downstairs to the court. There we found another basketball, so he said I could shoot some baskets, too.

Yech. I remember playing basketball, chipping my tooth on Mikey's head when I was guarding him, which collision knocked me to the ground. I vowed I wouldn't play any more. I remember shooting baskets for an entire P.E. period to myself in middle school, resulting in 2 successful baskets, and maybe 10 close (inclusive).


And then I sat on a table and directed Peterbird's "defense drill" something or other, the idea for which he got from my stories about being on the ND fencing team (yeah, nobody cares that they're one of the top schools; it's fencing) and how hard the exercises usually are. Then I showed him how to get into the fencing stance, and advance and retire. Wow, I'm really bad now. (Almost fell over while evidently-not-recovering from a lunge.)

But I made baskets. All by myself. I guess a year of watching Peterbird coach and play basketball has had some impact. That, and about 10 years of working on eye-hand coordination.

Moral: even though I am a rotten stinker for having missed the first women's choir rehearsal, and even though I am the worst wife ever (tm), OM* I made a basket!!1!!one!!

*Not cursing, even in abbreviations. That's for my Peterbird. Aw.

The end.


Blogger Mimi said...

Congratulations on the basket!

Wed Oct 19, 12:29:00 PM CDT  
Anonymous Mary Beth said...

Oh Maigera, I feel the pain; four years away from fencing and the lunges, they are no longer there!

Sat Oct 22, 06:46:00 PM CDT  

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