Saturday, September 05, 2009

September 5

At about five in the afternoon, I finished what I'd like to be my "morning routine." Of course, that doesn't usually include going swimming. (Forgot the camera again, dang it.)

Last night, Teddy slept through the night for the second time in a row since we had houseguests and went travelling and messed up his schedule. It was marvelous, and strange at the same time.

I worry that I spend too much time on the computer and in books. I'm not spending enough time doing the things around the house which need to get done, and I'm not spending enough time with my family. I haven't managed to plan meals in advance, so I've been mostly on a diet of hot dogs and pizzas. In addition to being really bad for me, health-wise, as well as for any weight loss, it's a horrible example to set for Teddy.

On the positive side of things, I did stick to my routine until I got it done, including exercises for my back. And, well, I'll keep trying tomorrow.

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Blogger Michelle M. said...

You don't need to be hard on yourself. It is more difficult being a mother than I'd imagined. My oldest will be four in October, and I am just now learning how to balance everything. Now, with a newborn, I am sure I will have to find a new balance. The one thing that has really helps me is to never go to bed with a messy house. Then, when I wake up in the morning, I don't feel overwhelmed by all that there is to do. Menu planning also helps a lot- then you don't feel overwhelmed an hour before dinner time. It is fine to plan hotdogs or pizza for days when you won't be able to get dinner prepared, but if you make a list of simple meals for which you have all the ingredients, it really helps. Good luck! Hopefully Teddy will keep sleeping through the night! My little guy slept for four hours in a row last night. It was wonderful :)

Sun Sep 06, 08:27:00 AM CDT  
Blogger Leila said...

Thanks for visiting! I hope you will come lots!
I appreciate the ideas about the seed sacks...only...they are really big! Like big pillow big! So think some more :)

Keep trying on that routine! That's all any of us can do. And having fun is something that should be on the checklist too :) Make beds,exercise, pray, plan dinner, have fun...

Wed Sep 09, 08:02:00 AM CDT  
Blogger Lissa said...

At least you have a planned morning routine! Mine includes getting myself and the girls dressed and fed breakfast... nothing else. I perhaps also spend too much time on the computer, but how else are the girls to have picture albums of their childhood and the bills get paid? (Also, you need down-time and play-time just for yourself!) I am going to start spending more time reading -- just picked up three books from George this weekend. So your current routine sounds just perfect to me. :)

Wed Sep 09, 09:14:00 PM CDT  

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