Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Today we learned that hydrangeas do not last well as icon decorations overnight. (They looked better than I'd feared when Fr. Peter texted me with this lesson.)

The kids slept in a bit this morning.

I got most of my things done this afternoon in preparation for the trip, except a nap. The evening preparations didn't go so well, so we are not packed at all, but the laundry is folded (except for the last load of the day which hasn't been started yet), and my husband's clothes are in the suitcase. Got money for tolls and laundry; paid library fines and bought two ripped apart books. (Someone's library privileges have been revoked for leaving books where his little brother could get them.)

Snuck in enough time for a shortish transcription for AFR and worked out a way to work on the AGES project while on the trip.

Plenty still to do for tomorrow, but also plenty to look forward to. Pray for my husband, who does most of the work!

Thinking of our littlest one, whom we never met, on this Feast. We will hear glad tidings of our child again in the fullness of time.


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