Thursday, March 27, 2014

Visiting home

It was late last night when we got to bed, and I forgot many things, including a blog post.

We drove from home to AFR headquarters and got to meet the Maddexes (including Molly Sabourin) who are just as nice in person as I imagined. Molly even took my picture for the AFR website, as they officialize me. I want their house! Everything seems tidy, beautiful,  and useful, giving a restful, welcoming feeling--including, of course, the people. (We came in with two banana-covered children, so the disparity was a bit marked.) They were also sweet enough to give me a pile of free new books to take with me, so I consider myself bound to them for as long as I can be useful to them.
AFR apprenticeship

Then eastward. We got to hear the last few minutes of the ND Glee Club rehearsal, and Dan Stowe still remembers my name! They sounded glorious, of course. I am so glad to have found Collegium so I could be in one of his choral ensembles. At that time it gave me a reason to live.

Didn't have time to see anything else on campus as we were supposed to meet someone before Presanctified at St. Andrew. (Last time we were in South Bend I didn't even get on campus, so I guess that is an improvement. I do miss Papa, though.)

At St. Andrew the children were cranky and wretched, but the parishioners assigned themselves to us (hooray for my nouna!) and we all survived. At the end of the meal afterwards the kids seemed happier but still tired. (Timmo had vaccinations the day before and I think he is teething, plus the trip.) Teddy seemed disappointed that Presvytera was not going to the hotel with us.

The motel was quick and easy, but a little after 5:30 I could not go back to sleep, so we meant to head out early, but instead had the pleasure of breakfast with Fr. George, Presvytera Elaine, and Mariam.

We have been promised a visit from Timmo's godparents this evening, and all seems set to arrive on time for the conference.


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