Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Best $2 I've spent

Today I exhausted myself going shopping. Didn't find a maternity Easter dress, but did find other things on my list, specifically a "reach tool," according to the receipt. I no longer have to bend over to pick up the multitude of small items strewn everywhere! One problem I had not foreseen, though, was a certain tiny boy trying to claim it as his "bacuum." Timmo was afraid of it at first, but then I got handy enough at using it to tickle his back. I do love that belly laugh!

So tired tonight after Presanctified that I was having trouble focusing my eyes together, but I did drive the kids home safely. Timmo was out before we got home, and the big kids were perfectly behaved so they got another chapter of Little House.


Blogger Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I have a "grabber" which can be incredibly useful :-)

Have a blessed Holy Week!

Sun Apr 13, 08:33:00 AM CDT  

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