Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Little horse

Teddy and Fr. Peter and I had a good time outside this morning while the two little ones were asleep. I finished raking the front yard and swept the front walk, and Fr. Peter removed more of the bushes in the front to make room for his incoming black currant bushes.

Our lovely midwife came today for the 27-week check-up. My plan to keep the kids out of the way totally didn't work. I was going to have my husband take the Duplo bucket upstairs and dump the blocks in Lucia's room. Well, he told Lucia to go up... and Timmo was holding onto the bucket and pulled Lucia down the stairs head first. (I caught her, but I needed a hug, too, after that.) So Lucia went up with the toys and Timmo clung to me. Teddy is fascinated by the midwife, so he stayed, but relatively in the background this time. I put Timmo on my legs so he could be touching me and see what was going on. The midwife put her measuring tape on my belly and he totally lost it. His face scrunched up and he just wailed like watching this was the worst thing that had ever happened to him. I had a hard time stopping laughing.

This time the baby didn't kick away the Doppler or run and hide, so we got to hear a nice little heartbeat, sounding just like the little horse it should.

The kids and I stayed home from the Philoptochos meeting, as it was starting to get pretty hairy and hectic when it was time to leave, so I nudged the husband out the door and things were fine. I had opened the windows in the boys' room to air it out a bit, so I went upstairs to make sure nobody went out either window. (Unlikely, but one of those nagging "they're too quiet" things. And I did catch them "listening to the outside noises" when they did figure out that the (screened) windows were open.) Since I was up there, the mess started getting to me, so I reorganized the landing, asking Teddy where things should go, and he gave some really nice suggestions and approved all of mine.

Poor Mister Timmo was so tired he dragged his pillow everywhere with him, not wanting to be left out, but definitely ready for pajamas and bedtime.

They're pretty scrumptious.


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