Thursday, April 03, 2014

On the mend or just lazy?

Mostly concentrated on feeling better today, despite my plan to get lots of work done. I putzed around (mostly on the computer) until about three and then went to bed for what turned out to be a three-hour nap. And then it took another half hour just to get up again. I did manage to go outside in the morning and pick up sticks and rake leaves for another half hour, not quite filling the yardy but making some little progress. The husband might be coming down sick, too, just to join the party. (No pool today.)

Teddy came to show me his colored drawing of "The Chalice of Holy Comunion" [sic]: "The red is for the wine which is the blood after it's blessed, and the brown is the bread, and the blue is the water, and the gold is what I see when I help in the altar. And I need to stick another /m/ in there."


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