Monday, September 26, 2005

Older, slightly

I think I'm getting better at being a grown-up. Okay, just very slightly.

Peterbird and I had a discussion the other day about what to do if we were ever attacked. Orthodox Church; marriage; "my" body is his, so I wanted to ask him. If he kills someone, even by accident, he cannot be a priest. We talked about guns and gun control and safety. Didn't really decide anything, but I haven't had a real "thought-provoking" conversation in a while.

Cynthia came to visit her sister in Boston, and last night we got to spend some time with her last night. We tried to cover what all the other Daves were up to, which was fun. We discussed, of course, the List and the Wall (the latter is no more, alas). We went out* to Bertucci's and J.P. Licks, having The Ultimate Bertucci (with two slices left over) and a sundae (3 spoons): Cynthia picked cake batter, I picked strawberry cheesecake, and Peterbird picked black raspberry, and we piled on the toppings: pineapple, whipped cream (really!), and caramel.

*I'm glad we don't eat out much, as this was a definite treat. Usually eating out is Wendy's or Burger King, thanks to television commercials during Lent, when my wish-list is made out. Also, they are cheap. I mean, I love Bertucci's, but $20 a pizza not so much.

We went back to campus to get the map before driving Cynthia to her sister's apartment. We found an unlocked door (tsk!) and gave Cynthia a little tour and a taste of Αγνη παρθενε before we locked up and went out. I love the chapel at night.

I don't know of a fitting word to describe what we did to get to Cheryl's, but there were many instances of "turn here—oh, it's one-way, keep going." Once there—no parking without permit except Sundays—we were regaled with well-told tales of her doings. So that makes the third Dave-visit we've had.

On Saturday, I actually cleaned enough to make me happy. See, we do laundry every other weekend, so I figured I would use the second weekend to clean. I played Altan cds one after another; at every vocal track or at the end of the cd, I would put in some time on the house. Peterbird helped significantly (mirror and shower curtain liner) until I made him relax or do his own work.

I had more of an entry, but got logged out, and this was all that was recovered. Phooey.

At the end of the campus swap meet, when we were starting to pack up the unwanted items, I saw a DVD-player/VCR. It had a sign warning that, although the DVD-player worked fine, the VCR tried to eat tapes. I persuaded Peterbird that we could use it to watch DVDs on our television (as opposed to the computer), so it came home with us. The blessed thing gives us even more channels and is operable by remote (our tv is rather gimpy and old, so this is exciting); these channels include reasons to stop worrying about how we will watch the World Cup next year and to stop complaining about how, though we had two PBS stations, we still didn't get Chef! So we watched the last four minutes of Chef! and a full hour of Blackadder [Goes Forth] during which I added Hugh Laurie to my list of "my, isn't he dreamy" (currently featuring Alan Alda, Michael J. Fox, and Paul Gross).

I asked Peterbird whether he would like me to cook (more / at all), and he said he would, so I am going to pick up ingredients for three selected recipes when I go shopping today: potato quiche, lasagna, and baked potato soup. Peterbird said he would be interested in potato quiche tonight, so we'll see how that goes.

Monday nights are for shopping and festal choir rehearsal. Tuesday nights are for the library. Wednesday nights are for the brand-new Hellenic College Concert Band (which was off to a good start last week). Thursday nights are for making chocolate treats with Anne and Elisabeth, attending the future presvytera meetings (though they can be rather tiresome), and rehearsing with Peterbird's chant group. Fridays are for relaxing and enjoying my Peterbird. (Not sure whether "relaxing" is transitive there.)


Blogger Philippa said...

You are one busy lady! May I be nosey? What do you do at Presvytera meetings?

Interesting discussion with Peterbird about what to do if attacked. That's a very good question to ponder.

Mon Sep 26, 08:27:00 PM CDT  
Blogger Xenia Kathryn said...

You have an interesting list of "dreamy men" :)
But then again, I used to have a crush on the guy who played Mike Brady on the Brady Bunch (pre-perm). I also thought the bearded guy from Star Trek was cute (not the klingon, mind you).

Funny :)

Wed Sep 28, 01:19:00 AM CDT  

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