Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Pancakes and Concert Band

Pancakes with chocolate chips. All for me!
(Okay, you can have some if you come over.)

Peterbird, Master of Pancake Ceremonies.

Also, there was concert band practice. Yay, band! Maybe I will bring the camera next week...

P.S. Angelo came this time, and had a valve trombone which everyone agreed was really cool, and it was sad that he didn't play it (15 years of not touching it, bah), so another trombonist did. (Valve trombones are very different from slide trombones, looking like an elongated trumpet, and, obviously, using a valve instead of a slide.)

Current instrumentation:
  • 2 flutes
  • 1 clarinet
  • 2 trumpets
  • 3 trombones
  • 1 percussionist / tuba-sans-instrument (I may be wrong on the brass since they sit behind me, but that's what I remember.) So far we've looked at two Sousa marches; we also looked at doing Holst's Suite in E-flat which I remember being really cool in high school, but evidently has exorbitant counting of measures of rest (3rd movement starts with a 5-beat trill and then 37-29-17 measures of rest or something dumb like that), which, in a small ensemble, is ... icky.

    Blogger Mimi said...

    I love pancakes, but I'll let you have the chocolate chip ones!

    Thu Sep 29, 01:21:00 PM CDT  
    Anonymous Jim N. said...

    It's good to see VP! Perhaps we'll make a pilgrimage north. We've got internet friends in New Yawk, too.

    Thu Sep 29, 09:30:00 PM CDT  

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