Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Library-less Tuesday

Tuesday was ... interesting.

Gertrude wouldn't start. Z— came by and went out of her way to drive me to work. (I have started a baking list, there are so many people who are kind, and I want to do as well as say.) Peterbird, after one of the Nicks had diagnosed wet things and a need for a coil replacement, fixed everything. He came to pick me up after chapel. (This week is his chant group's turn, so he can't very well skip. And I had internet access and a book.)

He had gotten the mail, but forgotten it in the chapel. His birthday present (October 24, but once I know what I want to get him, I simply cannot wait) came in the mail: the 6-DVD set of Red Green, Stuffed and Mounted. (He loves this show, and with all the classes, etc., and the new library policy of non-renewable* movies, he needs to laugh as much as I can help with.) I may still get him his usual, because he likes it. (Ouch. They've gone up again.)

*I renewed them, though. I printed out the confirmation of it, just in case there's a problem. I feel so sneaky, but I haven't finished watching the Mary Tyler Moore! I'll need to go by the end of the week to pick up the books I have on reserve.

He went to the library** to study some of the books on reserve, and I (eventually) worked on putting together the PDFs of the ecumenical councils. He's putting them on CDs for his class, starting with a book and a scanner. We were trying to figure these horrid things out for the longest time. He scanned them as TIFs, then tried to rotate them so they would be right-side up. But the default viewer [M$: boo!] which let him rotate them somehow jinxed the files so that now they were no longer recognizable to any other program. So we somehow figured out that we could rotate them in the explorer-folders by viewing them as "filmstrip," so that worked. Now he just had to make several pages' worth of images into one PDF. So he was mumbling away in a corner, cross with all the difficulties (he'd been working on this almost an entire two days, I think, at this point), and I opened OpenOffice and inserted the files as images. Then I clicked the "make into PDF" button, and had a test file which wasn't too big. So then I was drafted / volunteered. Then he wanted the pages landscape and only one picture per page, so I redid the first two and did the other five, re-scanning about 30 pages due to a sesame seed, and another 8 due to a hair. I'd rather only have the text of the councils in Greek, Latin, and English preserved for posterity, not a symbol of our messy-ness. This morning he put the seven councils on cds for his class. Cue Shake 'n Bake girl: "An' I hayulped!"

**And I found the list of the bishops (318?) for the first ecumenical council in volume 2 of the Mansi, starting on p.692. Talk about margin notes!

And another thing (I would attach this somewhere, but I'm tired of asterisks)—Fr. C up in Peabody let us have a neat Greek font, on which I'm slowly training my fingers. I like it because the characters are separate from the diacritics and breathing marks.


Blogger Mimi said...

There's a lot of Red Green love in our household too!

Hope Peterbird has a great birthday!

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