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"Ordinary" comes from the Latin ordinarius meaning "customary, regular, usual, orderly." —"Ordinary People," Boundless, Roberto Rivera y Carlo

I finished the scarf I had been knitting for Dn. Virgil. I didn't really want to, since I hadn't finished the skein, but the sky dumped a lot of snow on us yesterday (enough for boots), he's going to New York next week, and it's long enough (longer than he wanted, which I thought was too short).

It curls, so I blocked it. Who says my college calculus book isn't still useful? (Along with four other math and computer science books from my husband's previous academic life, that is.) Then I went online, since it was still curling, and found out that knitted stitches are smaller than purled stitches, so stockinette stitch (where one side is all knit-stitched and the other all purl-stitch) is physically bound to curl. :( But I also found some patterns for simple scarves so I can try something else (like just plain knitting for both sides, for instance) for the next scarf. I think I will keep my eye open for natural fabrics (not terribly happy with the whole "acrylic" thing) which are multi-colored and purple.

I've also been trying to get things in order for his trip to New York. Last night (amid basketball watching, natch), we put together a list of things for him to take on the trip. We can't start packing yet because we can't get to our things in storage, despite having spoken to our neighbor and the Housing director guy. This is the latest in a long-standing series of problems in terms of the storage area in the basement and our being (un)able to access our pallet, but this is the worst: there's no space in the middle of the floor, so all I can do is turn on the light, turn it out, and let my husband know. I distracted him with Victor Borge, because he's getting a bit fed up with this, too.

So I put together a binder for him with choir music and solo (and duet) music for next Saturday's concert.

You are cordially invited to the campus of Hellenic College / Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology for a concert by the "Deacon's Singers" at Maliotis Cultural Center on March 24, 2007, at 7:00 pm, with proceeds to benefit the St. Mark's Orthodox School in Kenya.

Tickets are $5, and I think you get them at the door. We still need to talk to Fr. Alexios, who is a student here and who started St. Mark's school, about offering some comments during the concert.

We have all the choir pieces pretty much together, but there are lots of last-minute things to take care of, making sure everyone has everything in order for this concert, has a binder, etc. I'm getting frustrated with the people in the choir and my own inability to figure things out. It's also difficult to figure out what I'm singing (soprano line v. alto line). I'm tired of my husband (and my, but mostly his) hard work going unappreciated. Simple things like not telling him (although he asks every week) that someone's not going to be at rehearsal.

Anyhow. Going back to the "my hard work" things, I've put together a first draft of the program for the concert. You know, notes about the pieces, a la Dan Stowe, paragon of choir directors. I'll need to cut it down, since it's seven pages (for ten pieces, not including anything about the solos and duets which haven't yet been decided upon. Solos and duets: Dn. Virgil has a couple of short solos picked out (German and English), I have an Italian aria, we're thinking about a couple of duets (Loch Lomond - English, and Dunque Io Son - Italian), Mari has a couple of English pieces in mind, and Vinnie might do some. Diana is an angel to even consider all that accompaniment. It sounds pretty exciting to me. I don't know my choir pieces well enough to be happy about them, it's been years since I've done Una Voce Poco Fa (although when I was at ND, I downloaded 27 different versions so I could study what different singers had done with it: Marilyn Horne and Victoria de los Angeles were my two favorites), and I've never actually looked at the Dunque Io Son piece.

This morning while Dn. Virgil was at the senior retreat (to which I made him wear his "Irish By Marriage" pin, provided by my mother in years past), I slept in. Then I cleaned house - it had gotten pretty messy in days previous, when we were trying to find the Dunque Io Son piece. We never did, but Dn. V went to the library and got the opera score (Barber of Seville) and scanned in the piece and I printed out copies at work.

I'm still upset that he will be gone next week. It's bad enough that he'll be gone for five days in a row—we've never really slept apart—but he'll be gone for my birthday. I refuse to open any presents early, and I don't want to open them on my birthday (how depressing would that be? opening presents all. by. myself.), so I'm saving them for after he comes back.

Nine more weeks, right?

P.S. I do mean to respond to comments... more than just in my head, that is.

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Oh, that's rough to have him gone on your birthday.

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