Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Clergy Family Retreat 2008

(Another catch-up post.)

During the third week of June, we participated in the second annual Clergy Family Retreat of the Metropolis of Atlanta, held at the beautiful Diakonia Center in South Carolina.

We were so blessed to partake of the calming atmosphere and the indescribably wonderful company. I enjoyed meeting new clergy families and seeing friends once again. We were also blessed to have avoided several episodes which befell others: a broken leg, a bitten hand, and drastic sunburn.

I still can't believe I made it all the way on the three-mile hike to (and back from) the falls, as pregnant as I was and with all those fallen trees on the path (to climb under and over!). I loved going all together for ice cream (though I didn't care for the miniature golf). I liked going in the canoe, especially since I didn't fall out, and the little snake head was a comfortable distance away, and I missed seeing the turtle. I liked swimming in the lake, too, and I still don't know which of us was more startled: me, or the water spider who crawled over my arm and then took of, Jesus-walking on top of the water. (Hey, it's an Orthodox retreat center.)

I liked sitting and talking (and especially listening) as we waited, watching the lake and the children playing nearby, smelling the delicious smells from the kitchen. I liked the lazy afternoons with arts and crafts, listening to my husband and another priest talk about people and parishes, passing along ways to serve the Church and the people of Christ with love.

I loved seeing little Theodosios, the youngest visible participant (almost a year old) and looking forward to next year with our own little Bunny.

The fancy dinner wasn't quite my cup of tea, but I had a marvellous PK assistant who made a pizza just for me as well as making me hot chocolate (properly, with milk), just out of his own goodness. I had fun singing with my husband and Presvytera Mari some of the songs from our "Deacon's Singers" days. Hopefully, we'll be more organized next year and get Fr. Grigorios involved as a bass to have all four parts.

One of my favorite parts was having daily services in the tiny little chapel with its icons inside and open windows to the outside, all shining forth and visibly singing God's beauty in His creation.

I think it's funny that I keep looking forward to next year's Clergy Family Retreat almost more than giving birth to the baby at this point.

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Blogger DebD said...

It sounds like it was a wonderful experience. How much longer until you have a nursling in your arms?

Wed Aug 13, 11:49:00 AM CDT  
Blogger magda said...

We're looking at the end of September or early October. The doctor gives the due date as September 19, and my husband as September 24. Since this will be our first child, we're expecting that we might be expecting for another two weeks or so. :)

Augh. I am so impatient!

Wed Aug 13, 12:17:00 PM CDT  
Blogger Mimi said...

I was just thinking about how you were progressing in your pregnancy - wow, it is so close isn't it?

Wed Aug 13, 01:01:00 PM CDT  
Blogger magda said...

No cigars here. (Ha.) Time seems to be crawling. On the other hand, my house keeps getting slightly cleaner each day with all the "nesting."

Wed Aug 13, 01:03:00 PM CDT  
Blogger Mairs said...

I've gotten more and more patient with each pregnancy but I remember that first - and wanting to get it *over* with. Now I relish labor and delivery and enjoy waiting for the baby to come in God's perfect timing. Enjoy the attention you can milk in these last weeks!! LOL!

Sat Aug 16, 09:15:00 AM CDT  

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