Monday, August 18, 2008

Nursery Update

When we moved into this house, we picked our "master bedroom" because it was close to the bathroom with a bathtub. The other two rooms were the guest room and the nursery. Then the nursery was no longer needed, so we renamed them the green room and the pink room (based on the sheets we had for the double bed and the twin bed). The pink room was pretty much the junk room, and I felt I had achieved a great deal because all the junk of the house (excepting the boxes of china and other boxed inheritance thingies, tucked into closets, wardrobes, and corners) was contained in one room.

Then we needed a nursery again. In the junk room. So I plowed through. (When o-o sis came to visit, she helped quite a bit.) Fr. Peter refinished a wardrobe (which still needs a bit of work: there are no panels in the doors so you can see everything inside, and the doors don't stay closed unless tied shut), and I put all the office supplies in there to clear off the six-foot table so I could continue sorting things. I organized the books in the whole house, keeping the children's books in this room. I got all the paper files into the filing cabinets. I sorted through inheritances. (Why I felt the need to keep Grandma's unfinished knitting projects with and without instructions, I have no idea. But they are on hand in case of a knitting emergency. And in case I figure out how to knit more than a rectangle, assuming I remember that much.) And I sorted through the music boxes. And I shoved genealogical materials into filing cabinets ... and left the rest in boxes. And I sorted through my art supplies. And I sorted out photos, memorabilia, puzzles, baby things, and miscellany. (Pink bunny ears are rather difficult to categorize.)

Now I am down to two boxes of miscellany, about six boxes of music, several of genealogy, some extra photos (not yet in albums), puzzles, memorabilia, and baby things. There's an extra trunk-like thing with VHS tapes (we gave away our VCR before moving here) and audio tapes. There's a drop-leaf table. The bed is covered with a car seat, the box of knitting and other fabric things from Grandma, and empty boxes (in case I need them for sorting, I don't want them *all* broken down). The six-foot table is still up, holding the puzzles, stamp covers (I mean packages covered in stamps ... I used to keep them for my father and I can't quite bear to throw them out.), photos, baby things, and my "to file" pile; the table is covering the boxes of music and genealogy materials which won't fit into the closet. Other than that, there's a baby dresser blocking access to the two little bookshelves (and somewhat to the wardrobe), and there's no room to put up the crib until we can figure out where the drop-leaf table and the trunk-like thing can go.

As you may have guessed, I am much more enamored of talking about it and making lists about it rather than moving things out of the way. I'm pretty sure that the trunk-like thing will find a home in the living room, and the drop-leaf table in the guest bedroom. If I am exceptionally clever in cleaning out our own bedroom closet, there may be room for boxes in there, so we can take down the six-foot table (alas for such a lovely workspace) and have room for the crib, the dresser, and even some play space on the floor. Nevermind that I also want to bring in the two little cabinety things from the guest room. I guess I'll just hang around and wait for more of that "nesting" energy to come my way.



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