Monday, April 14, 2014

Three down, fourteen to go

-Unction (Hierarchal)
-Bridegroom with Unction
Sunday-Resurrectional liturgy
-Agape vespers

This will be the first year of trying the Presanctifieds in the mornings of the first three days of Holy Week. (My husband is all excited.)

Have learned from previous years not to have the beautiful looking Holy Week boxes. Those things are noisy. Maybe when the kids are older. For now, books seems to work, and a small thing of beads for a "censer." Tonight I also brought the lovey collection: blanket and pillow for Teddy, "George book" for Lucia, and Timmo's pillow. Seemed to work okay.

Last night, R came up to me and said that the kids were doing really well. I don't even remember anything else about that day. I am so grateful she took the time to say that, because that was not what I was seeing from my perspective at all, and it was a piece of kindness that, even a day later, is bringing tears to my eyes. I love this parish.

Fr. Peter had confession, so I took the kids home after service and surprised him by having them all in bed and the laundry started by the time he came home. Bedtime with Mommy is expeditious; what can I say? I reviewed the list of what needed to happen (and since the evening services start at seven this week, I don't have to worry about "Are you hungry?" afterwards, since they have eaten dinner), and delegated what I could, focusing on the smallest myself on up to the largest. It also helps that I leave the books at church and the other bags in the car, so I only had to bring in any soiled diapers for laundry and the lovey collection and the children, then change diapers, put on pajamas, do teeth, attempt a story, and tuck in.

Lucia continues to make impressive progress with her speech therapy, still working on /k/, /g/, /p/, and /t/. I don't know whether her therapist is inordinately cheerful (a definite possibility) or her progress is, indeed, impressive. (As you see, I've decided to go along with the professional opinion.) Teddy's soccer was canceled due to cold weather and wet ground. I know they're only five years old, and I'm glad of the break, but I think that's kinda wussy, given how my father (Brazil) and husband (Romania) grew up.

Managed to get in more than I thought I would today, including a shopping trip (mostly failed, but did get the groceries I went for), a nap (oh, yes!), and even some AFR work (which makes my husband happy: a great motivation). Better get to bed so I have a shot at the rest of the week.

Oh, and I forgot to mention: Timmo, although wiggly, is definitely interested in being in church. He kisses icons and crosses, censes with his little bead necklace (much quieter than spools), and does an amazing job on prostrations: anybody goes down (even if it's just Mommy picking something up, as long as it looks like kneeling), he puts his head on the floor (not bending his knees or anything)—done in utter sincerity and in earnest. This, following the example of his older siblings, makes all the struggle worth it.


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Well done indeed! May the rest of Holy Week be blessed for you all.

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