Wednesday, April 16, 2014


This will be a relatively pictures-heavy post, because it's late and I'm tired but I owe a post.

I am so grateful for our parishioners. The children know they are loved and welcome, and have acclimated themselves to the rigors of Holy Week beautifully. Last night I was almost skipping out of church because it was so (relatively) easy to stay in the service: Teddy with with C and Lucia nestled in with D and A, so I just had Timmo who was mostly content with me and his pillowcase, and occasional visits from Lucia.

Left: Book buddies in the service. Right: He started saying "nani" (Greek for "sleepytime") last night.

A big event: packages from Lucia's nouna! New clothes and Paschal candles!

She was thrilled with the dress at home, but then I realized she hadn't napped... until we got to church for the afternoon unction service... and when I brought out the camera it was a tragedy (but not for Timmo, who is perfectly happy in the bathroom with lots of things I don't want him to touch).

I tried getting a picture of the boys together with (close enough) matching outfits. It was worth getting Timmo one to match Teddy's because Teddy delights in it so much. (Delighting in it so much meant very fuzzy pictures, and Teddy had soccer practice between services... and Daddy is the coach, so I had a very limited window.) I did get this picture of our little ham.

We were graced by His Grace Demetrios's visit to our parish! The kids seemed to be okay with him from far off, but when it was time to be anointed... they showed how patient he is. And nobody kicked the bishop, so I think we're okay.
(Please don't move us. Please don't move us. Please don't move us.)

Got plenty of work done on AFR transcripts today. Need to rest more and take magnesium. Didn't manage a nap, but did manage to decorate the icon of the Mystical Supper in record time. (Husband was supposed to take pictures but, you know, had other things to do, so we'll try again tomorrow.)


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Super photos - and what great kids you have :-)

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