Monday, April 28, 2014


Crazy-busy day. Husband got an email saying, yes, he could have some 100 bricks for $10 after all, right before he was supposed to leave to get another priest and go off into the wilds of Wisconsin for a few days. So there are bricks in our backyard, which were my suggestion, but now I don't remember having a specific idea of what to do with them.

Then we went to speech therapy, where the swing was put to good use. Lucia has gotten beautiful /g/ and /k/ sounds, so her speech therapist wants to work on /s/ sounds and verbs. (This is one of the few shots without the boys in it: everyone loves going here as she is fun and the toys are fun, too.)

On the way home I realized that Teddy had outgrown his play shoes and there was soccer this evening, so I dragged the kids to several thrift stores in search of the elusive 10.5+, but came home with overtired everybody and a tricycle. (One of our two broke, and this one is a "high-seater like at M and G's house!" according to Teddy. When we got it home I noticed it said Radio Flyer. Score! But just out of curiosity, how come when I was little all the cool second-hand stuff was "boy colors" and now we have two floral trikes and a flowery helmet?)

So when I was on the phone with the husband asking whether I should get Teddy some (pink) soccer cleats (at least they were size 11 and useful, and Teddy was enthusiastic), he mentioned that soccer was cancelled for tonight due to high winds and upcoming weather.

Made pizza for everyone and got to the library almost at the very beginning of the movie (Fro- that one) for family storytime. They had chocolates and popcorn! (By the way, Timmo can say "chocolate" as well as "open." Quite disconcerting, but I, ah, "helped" him with that.) The few snippets I saw of the movie seemed kinda cute, but at one point Timmo was completely disinterested and we made a foray (half an hour?) into the actual library where he flirted shameless with a librarian and learned the words "uh-oh" and "ta da!" complete with hand motions, although he had to cue his audience a couple of times.

At bedtime prayers, Lucia was singing along with lots of "Christ is risen" with Teddy and me. (So we did it three times in English. And then the Lord's Prayer three times, too, and I got extra snuggles.) The dishes are clean in the dishwasher, the baby laundry is hanging up, and there are two baskets of clean laundry in the living room. The basement guy is supposed to come tomorrow morning, and then I hope we'll still be able to get to the art program at the library later. I've pencilled in "collapse and eat chocolates on the couch" for the afternoon, but need something for the little ones to do. Maybe we'll go shopping again and try another part of town for those blasted shoes. (Why, yes, I do have a two-hour nap and a further one-hour quiet time period written in my schedule daily for the week. I just don't have someone to tie me down and make me rest like I should.)


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