Monday, April 21, 2014

Living in the Resurrection

Now that we have passed through the rigors of Lent and Holy Week, our challenge is to live the Resurrection. I'm not exactly sure how to do that, but my heart has been happy the past couple of days, even as my body has basically hit me upside the head and told me to go lie down because, dang, walking around for five minutes is exhausting.

We had a lovely time at Agape Vespers and the following egg hunt. I am especially grateful to R after I just about collapsed in a chair in the narthex. I couldn't get downstairs to collect our things so we could go home, and a lady was asking Father for assistance, so I couldn't get his attention, and R made me stay still and drink two large glasses of water and generally fussed over me. Then I sat and emptied my kids' eggs into their baskets and returned the eggs with Mr. J's help so that I don't have to feel guilty next year for not buying plastic eggs to donate for the egg hunt. (Note to self: remember not to feel guilty next year.)

After a bath and a nap (which I'd done before the Resurrectional service and decided it was a lovely idea), we went over to E's house and played with her children and tractor (very important) and listened to the owl across the street and generally had a marvelous time. Her presence is so completely restful. Her house reminds me of being with my childhood best friend's mother. I would love to have that kind of affect in my home. Somehow the glorious mess of Holy Saturday seems charming in church but not in our own living room.
(An example of the Holy Saturday mess.)

Today we started having our basement waterproofed. The huge amounts of noise were annoying while I was working on next week's bulletin and related things, but immensely soothing when I tried to take a nap in the afternoon: I only was pestered by noises caused by people wanting me to do something. The hammering/drilling was actually putting me to sleep and I was sorry they stopped.

Then we went to Lucia's speech therapy. She is making excellent progress, putting words and sounds together more often and more quickly. Timmo, however, seems to take this as a personal challenge and is adding words almost two a day to his spoken vocabulary. In addition to last week's nani, amen, wi(s)dom, he's added open and mine, the latter just this morning!

After some time at the playground and another nap, we headed out to Teddy's soccer (and playground for me and the two littles so Timmo didn't steal all the balls all the time). After we came home, I rested while Teddy got a haircut, kids were bathed, sung, and prayed over and then put to bed.

Tomorrow we'll attempt vespers for St. George in Des Moines, a load of laundry or two, and trying to find the living room again, one sock at a time. It's a bit frustrating knowing there is so much work to be done, trying to stay in a resurrectionally-minded outlook, and not really being able to do much or for very long. (I am continuing to ignore the kitchen.)


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