Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day

There is a lot of hype about Mother's Day. I grew up with it, and my husband did not. Honestly, he's not all that great about gift-giving on particularly set aside holidays (although he can be counted on for baked goods when asked in advance). So I tried to lower my expectations and had rather a shock.

I thought about the usual things or activities people do for Mother's Day: call, send a card or flowers, go out to eat, and the stereotypical making breakfast for mommy. Well, you know what? As a mother, I don't deserve all of that. And you know what else? My husband is simply amazing all the time. He makes me bacon and eggs for breakfast during fasting periods when I'm pregnant and need motivation to keep eating healthy, protein-rich foods and less sugar. He moves his schedule so he can be with me and the children. He cooks, does dishes and laundry, and works on the house and garden. He listens.

I, on the other hand, seem to be a compendium of faults from selfishness to short-temperedness (we'll just gloss over several here). No, he's not perfect either, but he almost always puts himself last. So on Mother's Day all I should expect is the little carnation handed out by a Sunday school student, just like all the other ladies in church.

With all that running through my head, I decided that Mother's Day shouldn't be about honoring me, but about honoring motherhood itself. I resolved to be with my children with more patience, to live up to my own expectations. I'm pretty sure I failed on that, like I do every day, but placing the emphasis on what I should be doing as a mother helped me have a wonderful Mother's Day.

I don't remember what exactly happened for breakfast, but I did let myself sleep in a bit (as evidenced by the state of the living room: the kids had no intention of sleeping in as late as I did). I got my own breakfast, attempting to take care of myself because I know I'm supposed to eat before Liturgy; even though I'm pregnant, I still feel guilty.

Teddy got stuck in a pew by himself for most of the Liturgy, as Lucia was, as usual, magnetized by her pew friend Presv. D., and Timmo and I had to keep going out and sitting until I was rested enough to return (which takes longer and longer these days).

I did get my pink carnation from a Sunday school student. Teddy positively glowed as he gave it to me in the hall (since I was too tired to go all the way upstairs).

There are plenty of bitter Mother's Day rants out there, but this isn't one of them. For Mother's Day, I got my family who loves me in spite of all my faults, and who are teaching me to love them and to be nearer to God.

(And I did remember to call my mother.)


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