Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Because I want to show you pictures.

But I am trying to avoid staying on the computer at home, so it's easier to not turn it on in the first place.

But it's hard to upload pictures from the camera to the computer to the blog without turning on the computer.

So. That's why.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

For people who need some blatherings

I think I have reached something like a third-grade level of fashion awareness. I am excited about wearing one-color outfits, like the purple sweatsuit, or all-black, as my outfit for this evening's concert (with black shoes and socks, to boot!*).

*But why would you want to boot black shoes and socks?

It's a similar thrill when I first realized that I could buy Snoopy band-aids if I wanted to. I guess I thrill easily. Tonight, for instance, I was very happy to find that we could, indeed, have buttered toast and cocoa* for dinner for the third time in a row. I love toast! Snoopy band-aids! Stripy knee-length socks! I am very sad to report that my stripy-green (four different kinds!) socks have a hole in the toe and since I have barely sewed on a couple of buttons (and there hasn't been any ironing here in a year that I know of) while we've been here, I don't see me wearing them any time soon. There are winter knee-length socks, but those are scratchy and heavy and I wore them a lot so they fall down since I do not fence and march and thus have no calves** to command the socks to stop! where they are.

*No, not buttered cocoa; that would be silly.
**Do not be alarmed. This link is a pun. And aw, aren't they cute?

I have pictures of things, like the Christmas-tree-decorating party we had in my building*, and the saintly books on my slippers when I came home on St. Nicholas' Day, and icicles from the balcony this morning. And I could talk about the concert this evening, or getting pants and Scattergories from Savers, or that we're buying a new car (like, really new, with a loan and everything). But, meh.

*My office gave me a six-foot tree. Ain't no way that's going to fit in this apartment. Plus, Virgil and I have about four handfuls of Christmas decorations, including the dozen candy canes we bought. The tree looks really awesome in the lobby. Plus, I got to make jigglers which was awesome and I've never had them before. They're actually cooler than they are on tv because you get to jiggle them and they're all gooshy and then you eat them and you're all: jello! Maybe you had to be there.

I am halfway completed with the first element in a secret process, which Peterbird says is turning out well. If I ever get around to finishing this element, there will be pictures, and possibly more elements. (It's not really stages, because each element is its own thing, but I get distracted easily.)

I am being unclear and using all sorts of things like italics and footnotes. I will steal my husband away to watch tv with me, or else read some more of the highly-enjoyable Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell while all cozied up in bed.