Friday, June 10, 2011


So this time I spent most of the week thinking of taking pictures for the next Thursday's post. But you have to know what day it is for that to work. So, Friday again.
round button chicken



Fr. George is the priest who married us. This was the first time they'd served together as priests.


She fusses when we try to bring her head up into a more comfortable-looking position. Silly bat-baby.

After the address labels are done or we move and they're no longer useful for the address, Teddy gets stickers. The ones from the Archdiocese have icons. In the near future, if someone asks me whether I've found Jesus, I can answer yes. He's all over my house. And my child:


As someone on facebook pointed out, my husband will use any excuse to get into the water. I think at this point he'd already tossed his goggles, and here he's signaling a field goal. (He did get dunked a couple of times, and with the temperature, I was a bit envious. I was nursing when it was his turn at the dunk tank, but thanks to a future seminarian, I got to see it through pictures afterwards.)

I knew there would be some sort of cool use for this box when I snagged it a few months ago!



Friday, June 03, 2011

A Day Late...

Pretty, happy, funny, real. "Real" I can do (the "day late" is part of that)... It was fun to look for the others, though!


Pretty: She stayed asleep when I put her down! (Okay, only for a half hour. Nobody gave me a memo that said: by the way, today is cluster-feeding day! But they should have.) And she's all cuddled up in Matushka Anna's beautiful Columba blanket. (Don't you want one?)

Happy: He and I spent some time reading together this morning, and then it was time to pick up his room. He had beads and shoelaces out all over the floor, so I told him to put them in their little box. On a whim, I thought I'd present this toy/task/work to him again now that he's older. He totally got it! He put the beads on the string faster and faster, only needing a little help with the first two.

Funny: He is good about remembering to put his sunglasses on. And he has two pairs. So he puts both of them on. It makes a kind of sense, but it still makes me laugh.

Real: Our "dining" room table. This is the dumping ground for anything which doesn't go in the diaper bag and must be taken out. (That should read "taken out and put away," but as you can see, that's not the case. Yet.) Let's see... dead flowers, food processor, tote and diaper bags, unopened box of oatmeal, icon books, road atlas, bibs, socks with packaging, gift receipts for baby things (I don't remember what goes with anything, but heaven forfend I toss any of it!), a nifty wet bag I won in the Great Cloth Diaper Hunt (I was going to post about my three prizes, but only two ever showed up...). There's an undusted knick-knack shelf with iris photographs on the left, and a china cabinet with nice things that we don't use or look at (or dust) on the right. On the floor on the left are a box and a bag ... awaiting their doom, I think.

Maybe I should look for a happier "real." (Heck, maybe I should post on Thursday like everyone else.)