Thursday, March 30, 2006


Reading Dear Abby, I came across the phrase or idea that So-and-so "will never change." It hit me: that's what people believe. Except I'm not talking about someone else never changing. I'm talking about not believing that you can change yourself—or at least be changed. If you don't allow yourself the idea that you can change, yes, you're taking the easy way out, but you are losing. If you can't change, you're stuck with all the horrible things about yourself. You let yourself be lazy and think—if you still remember to—that you can't change.

Once you get over that, and accept the idea that you can change... Okay, forget the "you." I'm really just talking to/about myself. (I hope.) Then it's mandatory. I've been obsessing about this, feeling that I'm falling into laziness, that I can't get up and do good.

It is easier to be lazy. But it's an unhappy place to be.

I don't like work, but I am unhappy when I have no work to do.

Please pray for me, a sinner. Let me be changed.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Please pray for Tudor.