Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Expecting news, but not what we were expecting

No, we still don't have a parish assignment.

Friday was my last day at work, and T gave me four tickets to the Red Sox. We went with Thomas and Jenny and had a great time. I am also happy about my now-empty change purse, the contents of which went to a rather surprised man who was begging. Dn. Virgil asked me whether I had given him just the change, or the purse as well. I was rather surprised that I had not told him about this particular purse. My mother had let me take it to school one day, and I bought my lunch and had the purse on the tray ... as I emptied it out into the trash. Miss Perkins went through the Dumpster to get the little purse back. So, no, I didn't give the purse away.

Last week, we found out some news which was confirmed at a doctor's visit yesterday afternoon. We started a new blog to share the news, but you'll have to be clever and find it yourself.

This morning, my husband received the news that he will be Holy Cross' valedictorian this year.

So, with my new-blog news and my husband's valedictory news, when someone comes up to us and says, "Congratulations!" I wonder what in particular we're being congratulated on.

Also recently enjoyed: not working, a two-hour nap after Liturgy this morning, and eating ice cream with my husband.

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Friday, May 04, 2007

Parish Assignment

No, we don't have one yet. We've cycled from the-bishops-don't-know-yet to maybe-city-A to maybe-city-B to the current state of the-bishops-definitely-don't-know.

Dna. Vassi has been very good at helping me remember: "God will provide." She gave me her hairband to snap on my wrist when I give into the worries and actually try to answer the solicitous "Where are you going?" I receive from my co-workers and family—from at least one person every day. I was explaining this to a fellow worrier: "I snap it against my wrist, hurting myself when I don't trust in God." (Oh. This little diakonissa finally got it.)

On the other hand, it's much easier to offer another answer, especially to those who ask me daily whether I've heard anything yet.

I've decided to say we're moving to Laputa.

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